Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Radio Texas from Serbia to Finland with 80 W!

Last May 2008 I visited many Serbian pirates in the beautiful Serbian countryside. I met also Radio Texas (from Vrsac, East Serbia) which I had heard before in Finland with only 50 W (on 1700 kHz).

On Tuesday evening 30.12.2008 Radio Texas tested new PLL-transmitter with 80 Watts output (playing blues music). Signal was surprisingly good in Finland for some moments on 1694 kHz (21.25 utc). Listen mp3!
Perhaps we can arrange again international broadcast from Serbia to Europe this winter? I am sure many pirate DX-ers would like to have QSL from Serbian pirate station! Let's see. Click the photos >

Here is high quality photo of Texas' new 120 W PLL-tx!

Saturday, 27 December 2008

1690 KHz - Greece <-> Serbia pirate-QSO

At night 26-27. Dec 2008 I tuned Greek pirates at late night above 1600 kHz. Radio Anatolia from Kilkis was very strong all the time on 1630 kHz + some UNIDs. Later I heard pirate-QSO between Greeks and Serbian station around 1690 kHz.

Log Friday night 26.12.2008 (times UTC)

1690 kHz - Stathmos Sylvania, Thiva, Greece. QSO Panorama. He says his location "Stathmos Sylvania apo Thiva"(100 km North of Athens; Tnx Spider and Vagelis). 21.24- O=2-3+ - mp3

1688 kHz - Radio Panorama, Serbia. I have never heard this Serbian before. QSO Sylvania. 21.26- - mp3
1689 kHz - Radio Samurai, Kalamata-city, South Greece. QSO Panorama. I have heard this before (map). This is 1.5 k- station from very South Greece.. 21.30- O=1-2+ - mp3

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Xmas and happy 2009!

A view from our home backyard in Naantali. November 2008!

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Listening Dutch pirates on Sat evening

Saturday evening, 20.12.2008, since long time I tuned Dutch pirates on 186 mb. Radio Marskramer from Holland was supposed to test but had to cancel the broadcast.
I checked my L-antenna, 250m directed to South. It is giving a bit interference, but I had some good signals from Holland and Greece.

LOG Sat 20.12.2008 (Times UTC)
1385 kHz - Radio Makedonia, Greece on empty frequency. This station seems to be on the air from year to year!!! Own jingles! 22.52- / O=0-2 - mp3
1620 kHz - The Farmers from Holland with international programme giving GSM. The Farmers was very active in the 90's and raided many, many times. 21.05- / O=1-3
1630 kHz - Radio Anatolia, Kilkis, Greece. Still here every evening! 21.30- / O=0-3
1640 kHz - James Bond with poor audio and unstable frq. JB was very strong 1-2y ago, now surprisingly weak. 21.31- / O=0-2+
1645 kHz - Radio Barones, Holland. Good ol' Baro giving QSOs. 22.35- / O=3-4
1646 kHz - Nordzee Zender with polka for the whole evening. 21.05- O=1-3
1655 kHz - Onbekende Colorado Kever met Bonanza, Noord Oost Friesland, Holland. Played Deep Purple and M.Reilly etc. pop/rock with very strong signal!!! 21.00- / O=2-4+ - mp3
1660 kHz - UNID for some time between Colorado and Viking. 21.10- O=1-3
1665 kHz - Radio Viking, Holland. Non-stop-polka for the whole evening. 21.00- / O=2-3+
3901 kHz - Radio Delta, East Holland. Very strong and clear signal!! This broadcast was heard in USA. The operator said thanks for telephone calling from West Virginia, USA!!!! Read the comment below - 22.45- / O=2-4+

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Log Sunday 14.12.2008

Since long time here some loggings from 48 mb, starting listening at 09.30utc for short time. Nice signals from many stations.
New surprise is Radio Galaxy from POLAND !! First international pirate from this country !! Also first time since very long time a pirate from SWEDEN, Radio Campervan. Nice signal here!
There seems to be now new band for pirates, 43 mb (6900+ kHz) thanks Spider Radio from Greece.

LOG Sunday 14.12.2008 (Times UTC)

6215 kHz - UNID (6214.8). - 09.45- O=0-1+
6220 kHz - Atlantic 2000 via Marabu - 09.50- O=2-4
6265 kHz - UNID. - 10.05- O=0-1
6283 kHz - Radio Scotland, Beilen making test. Sounding well. - 09.45- O=2-4
6285 kHz - UNID (Antonio?). - 09.43- O=0-2
6290 kHz - Radio Boorderhunter, Holland playing Robert Miles. - 09.40- O=1-3+
6300 kHz - Radio Boomerang, Holland. Testing new antenna-tuner shortly and asking QSO. Strong. - 09.58- O=3-4
6307 kHz - Radio Shadowman, Holland. Strong as always. - 10.20- O=3-4
6325 kHz - Radio Campervan, Sweden. Nice to hear Swedish pirate since very long time!! Playing CCR. They told to have only 15 W but sounded to have more. - 09.39- O=1-3+.
6523 KHz - Radio Ramona, Holland tentatively. - 09.44- O=0-2+
6553 kHz - Radio Galaxy, Poland. I heard this now 3rd time. Very stong signal. Must be many hundred watts!! - 10.20- O=3-4+
6920 kHz - UNID Dutch with polka. This 43 mb is good band because there are almost no interferencies!! - 15.05- O=0-2+
12257 kHz - WRI. Weak but audible for moments. - 09.50- O=0-2

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Radio Casanova, Holland - 48 mb - 3.5 kW!

Some years ago I heard Radio Casanova
from Holland on 48 mb with very good signal (listen clip - 7.3.2005 on 6305 kHz). The station operator just mailed me photos of his new good looking equipment. Output of this new tx is even 3.5 kW !! Wow. Can't wait to hear the first tests with that....
>>> Click the photos to larger version

Saturday, 11 October 2008

New FM-stations to Turku

I have been very busy at work after summer and therefore no time for DXing:

I just opened two new FM-stations to Turku-city. They are Radio Melodia (www)(89.0 + 88.5, 91.8) and Zoom FM (www)(93.4 MHz - 50 W).
Provincial Radio Melodia is playing Finnish music and oldies for 35+ and Zoom FM is a small pop/rock-station in Turku-city for 15-30 years old listeners. Our 3rd station Radio Auran Aallot (90.5 MHz) will be more AOR/pop soon.

Now I have some time for DXing after big rush of music scheduling and jingle building etc.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Radio Vihor QSLs posted! / Radio Texas new tx!

All who sent reception report of Radio Vihor's international broadcasts in May have now received their Special-QSL-cards by post!!
They have been posted from Serbia with operator's signature.
You can see the QSL here >>

Radio Vihor will be on the air internationally again on September or October when AM-season begins again after summer. Then everybody has a new change to get pirate-QSL from Serbia.

Unfortunately I am very buzy at work, so I have not had time to put my pirate-photos online - but I will do it sooner or later!

Another Serbian MW-pirate Radio Texas (from Vrsac, East Serbia) has built new PLL-transmitter with 120 W output for MW (around 1700 kHz).

Looks very professional, clean and cool! The station plans to put 1 kW on air later this year by using this tx as a driver!
Radio Texas will also test internationally during this autumn. I will inform about the broadcasts later in the forums!

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Radio Vihor QSL's on the way

On the 18.5.2008 we had broadcast from Serbian AM-pirate station on 1680 kHz (and lower frq's). It was from Radio Vihor's site from Pancevo which we visited to be on the air. It was the first real international broadcast from Serbia with contact address (Radio Bluestar's P.O.Box in Zwolle - thanks for Bluestar!!!).
We had 12 reports from these countries: Finland, Latvia, Czech, Austria, Germany, Belgium and Holland.
The AM-conditions on 18.5.2008 was very poor. The noise from the thurderstrom were very bad and strong. It covered audio-signals constantly and badly - everybody reported this same info. Also there were unluckily Dutch stations on the frequencies where we informed to be on the air (Dutches are rarely on 1660 kHz or over). New broadcast made on 31.5.2008 (no larger info made this time).

I just made and mailed Radio Vihor QSL's to Serbia. The operator will sign the cards and mail them further to DX-ers. The card is color-photo-QSL where the operator is adjusting the transmitter.
I think we will have a new international broadcast in September or October - so there will be a new chance to hear and have QSL from Serbian pirate!
I will publish photos and videos here later as we visited 4 AM-pirates during Serbian Tour in May.
Just now I am very buzy at work because I am building up new (legal) FM-station to Turku - and re-formatting two other.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

FM-DX-listening in Utö-island 7-14.6.2008

I was listening FM in Utö for one week with my friends, 7-14.6.2008.

Utö is a little island, 1,5 km x 1 km-size about 100 km south from Turku-city in SW Finland. It is the farest lived island in Finland with 50 inhabitants!
More: Utö FM-DX

We heard dozens of FM-stations around Baltic Sea area + some Italians via Sporadic E. No pirate listening there.

Here on the photos you can see Utö-location and our DX-camp cottage!
Nice place for FM-DX!

Photos of FM-station-visits are on my FM-blog

Saturday, 31 May 2008

Serbian stations on air 31.5.2008 at 20.00utc

I have been very buzy after holidays so there are no time for editing photos from our Serbian trip.
We visited 17 FM-stations (for QSL) and 4 MW-pirate stations. There are a lot of pictures to edit later when having time!

The visited pirates were: Radio Vihor (Pancevo), Radio Lovac (Pancevo), Novi Studio (Smederevo) and Radio Elektron (Kucevo). All homemade transmitters - even homemade receivers!

Late Saturday evening Radio Vihor from Pancevo was on the air for one hour playing Finnish music from my premade C-casette (with Zwolle-address).
This broadcast was heard by many DXers in Finland! Also Radio Texas was heard after Vihor.

Here is a photo of me sitting at Vihor, Pancevo on 25.5.2008 during brodcast to Europe! Click the photo >>

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Hello from Belgrade, Serbia!

We were on the air from Pancevo on Sunday evening! Great experience - all self-made equipment in nice a house in beautiful countryside!The broadcast was received in Finland and in Holland with weak signal but it was not great succes! We had to change the frequency to 1680 kHz!! There were Dutch station on 1660 khz and strong Greeks on 1650 and 1670 kHz!! Bad luck!
Conditions were very bad! There were thunderstorm crashes all the time. We heard Radio Barones from Holland in QSO back but with strong interference!
I will add some photos here after the trip. Thanks all for trying!

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Broadcast from Serbia, Sun 18th May - 1660 kHz !! We are on air on Radio Vihor, Pancevo! Try us!

I will be in Serbia, in Belgrade, between 18th - 26th of May with my friend Jim (from Espoo, Finland). We will visit many legal FM-stations during the week in countryside around Belgrade.

We will also be on the air on Radio Vihor (from Pancevo, 25 km NE from Belgrade) on Sunday evening. We will have one hour broadcast with Serbian pirate-guys and will play Serbian and Finnish music.
The broadcast will be on Sunday 18.5.2008 on 1650, 1660 or 1670 kHz with 1 kW. We start at 22.00 Central European Time (20.00 UTC) and close at 23.00 CET. I hope some frequency will be free. We will take prepaid GSM for callings and SMS to live transmission.
All reports of this special broadcast can be sent to Radio Vihor, P.O.Box 1104, 8001BC Zwolle, Holland (This P.O.Box belongs to RadioBluebird who has been in QSO with Serbians before). Please enclose one IRC for Special-QSL. There will be no e-mail-box!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

UNID pirate from USA on 6925 kHz

Last night I was awake late night and first time I heard weak US-pirate station on 6925 KHz!!
Signal was USB and very weak, but luckily I got identification; "This is Radio ......"
The station was audible from 23.13 till 23.33 UTC (possibly closed down). Played "Ghost Riders in the sky".
Here is a short clip of this very weak ID (9th May 2008 at 23.29utc).
I found loggings from USA ( that this is Radio Jamba International but I can not fit this name to my recording! Any ideas for contact-address?

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Log Sunday 4.5.2008

Usual stations on the air today but I was not tuning all the time around midday. Strongest were Scotland and Calypso. Radio Barretina from Catalonia, Spain was raided last week. It is told that they interfered some French marine station.

6220 kHz
- Atlantic 2000 via Mystery - 08.40- (O=1-3)
6254 kHz - UNID only visible (6254.3 kHz) - 08.50- (O=0-1)
6260 kHz - Radio Saxonia, Germany tentatively. No id heard but they informed to be on air around here (6259.6 kHz) - 08.00- (O=0-1+)
6275 kHz - Radio Calypso & Scirocco, Holland - 07.50- (O=2-3+)
6290 kHz - UNID. Visible only - 10.50- (O=0-1+)
6293 kHz - UNID Dutch chancing frequency many times. Strong. - 10.10- (O=2-3)
6295 kHz - UNID (6295.4 kHz) - 08.50- (O=0-2)
6300 kHz - Radio Scotland, Holland. Told about problems with a tube but sounded OK here - 10.10- (O=2-3+) Click >>>

6300 kHz - Radio Paardenkracht, Holland - 10.30- (O=1-3)
6524 kHz - Radio Ramona, Holland - 08.55- (O=0-1+)
6540 kHz - Radio Brigitte, Belgium tentatively - 07.55- (O=0-1+)

6925 kHz - Spider Radio, Athens, Greece on Saturday evening. Very much noises near but Spider pushed through - 19.50- (O=0-2+)
6960 kHz - Dr Tim, Germany clearly audible with rock music - 08.55- (O=0-2)
12257 kHz - WR International, UK - 09.55- (O=0-2)

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Weekend 25.4 - 27.4.2008

Log Sunday 27.4
6215 kHz - King SW tentatively. Played Robert Miles "Children" - 08.55- (O=0-1+)
6220 kHz - Radio Marabu bvia Mystery Radio
- 08.25- (O=2-3)
6264 kHz - Radio Saxonia Int. sounded ID. Not 100% (6264.6 kHz)
- 08.30- (O=0-2+)
6268 kHz - UNID. Perhaps Altrex? Played Turtles "Happy Together"
- 08.35- (O=0-2)
6275 kHz - Radio Calypso, Holland. Strongest of the day.Long px
- 08.30- (O=2-4)
6285 kHz - UNID (6285.2 kHz). Only visible
- 08.30- (O=0-1)
6305 kHz - Delta Radio, Holland (gave - 14.40- (O=1-2+)
6325 kHz - UNID
- 08.55- (O=0-2)
6524 kHz - Radio Ramona, Holland tentatively. Better than week ago for some time
- 08.30- (O=0-2)
6882 kHz - PlayBack International. A bit better in the afternoon check
- 08.55- (O=1-3)

Log Friday 25.4
3904 kHz - Blue Star Radio (www), Holland. Nice signal - 21.03- (O=2-3+)

3925 kHz - Radio Continental, Holland giving e-mail and GSM - 22.40- (O=0-2+)
3935 kHz - Laser Hot Hits, Ireland. Mostly very weak
- 21.00- (O=0-2)
6312 kHz - Radio Barretina, Catalonia, Spain. Pushing nicely up for some moments - 21.00- (O=0-2+)
6882 kHz - PlayBack International. Only fair signal this time - 21.10- (O=2-3)

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Log Sat 19.4 and Sun 20.4

Log Sunday 20.4
5815 kHz - Orion Radio Netherlands. Tx problems. Off at 08.26 - (O=2-3+)
6205 kHz - Radio Borderhunter, Holland. Tent. weak here. (See below on 76m night before) - 09.30- (O=0-2+)
6215 kHz - King SW tentatively - 09.05- (O=0-2)
6220 kHz - Mystery Radio, Italy - 08.30 - (O=2-3)

6275 kHz - Radio Calypso, Holland. Again hard to believe the power to be only 40 W!! 08.26 - (O=2-4) Click >>
6282 kHz - Radio Scotland, Holland - 09.30- (O=2-3+)
6305 kHz - Radio Shadowman, Holland. Testing modulation. Hard noise 6303 kHz giving interference (UNID on this same frq at 08.50) - 09.37- (O=3-4)
6524 kHz - Radio Ramona, Holland tentatively. Just like week ago - 09.40- (O=0-2)

Log Saturday 19.4
1638 kHz - Radio Farmers, Holland - 21.15- (O=2-3)
1646 kHz - Radio Corona, Holland - 21.05- (O=2-4)
1655 kHz - Radio Barones, Holland. Strong - 21.05- (O=3-4+)
1680 kHz - UNID with rock-music ! - 21.15- (O=2-4)
3900 kHz - SW Pirate (3900.5 kHz) tentatively - 20.53- (O=0-2)
3927 kHz - Radio Borderhunter, Holland. Very strong! - 21.28- (O=2-4)
3935 kHz - Free Radio Rainbow - 20.55- (O=0-2+)
6270 kHz - UNID, only visible - 08.40- (O=0-1)
6280 kHz - Orion Radio Netherlands. Closed 08.47 - (O=2-3+)
6312 kHz - Radio Barretina, Cataluna, Spain. Tentatively - 20.53- (O=0-2)

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Log Sunday 13.4.2008

Lots of UNIDs today. Around 09utc only 1-2 signal but around 11utc many stations coming on. Orion and Calypso were strongest stations today. Playback had great live px on Saturday with Kevin and JJ !

5815 kHz
- Orion Radio Netherlands seemed to have some tx problems. I think there were long break but I could not figure up what happend from the last minutes announcements. Again strongest of the day with Calypso - 07.55- (O=2-3+)
6250 kHz - Radio Queen, Italy tentatively. Weak today
- 10.55- (O=0-1+)
6264 kHz - UNID, Saxonia possibly (6264.6 KHz). No clear audio heard
- 09.15- (O=0-1+)
6265 kHz - UNID. Perhaps Premier, UK. It seems to ID this station rarely. It is often visible but mostly nothing more - 07.50 (O=0-1)
6268 kHz - Radio Zodiac, Holland
-10.50- (O=0-2)
6270 kHz - Radio Calypso, Holland. Strong again with 30-40 W power - 10.50- (O=2-3+)
6273 kHz - UNID, 6273.3 kHz. (Perhaps also UNID on 6272 kHz before)
- 11.10- (O=0-2)
6275 kHz - Radio Calypso again here tentatively. Even stronger now during later afternoon
-11.58- (O=2-4)
6280 kHz - UNID, 6279.9 kHz - 11.09- (O=0-2)
6290 kHz - UNID, Quintus? - 11.05- (O=0-1+)
6300 kHz - UNID, Perhaps Paardenkarcht or Sallandse Boer, Holland - 07.25- (O=0-1+)

6307 kHz - Radio Royal, Holland - 07.20- (O=0-3)
6310 kHz - Radio Lowland, Holland (6310.4 kHz). Closed at 07.30- (O=0-2+)
6524 kHz - Radio Ramona, Holland tentatively (6523.8 kHz). Some talking heard but not good enough for ID
- 10.55- (O=0-1+)
6540 kHz - Radio Brigitte, Belgium tentatively
- 11.05- (O=0-2)

6882 kHz - Radio Playback. On Saturday evening Kevin Turner and JJ Clarence live on the air! They mentioned my message on the air, nice! They really had fun ! See more on PBi blog! - 16.00- (O=2-4).
Nice special QSL (n:o 1) of this show. Click larger >>>

6966 kHz
- Dr. Tim tentatively. Clearly audible on this test-frequency. Tnx for hint
- 10.48- (O=0-2)
12257 kHz - WR International, UK. Popped nicely up for some moments! - 10.20- (O=0-3)

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Log Sunday 6.4.2008

6215 kHz - UNID, King SW probably - 08.40- (O=0-1+)
6261 kHz - UNID German (Radio Perfekt?) gave tel.n:o. Closed 09.13
- 08.40- (O=1-3)
6265 kHz - UNID. Only visible. No audio - 08.45- (O=0-1)

6270 kHz
- Radio Saxonia, Germany choosed bad frequency (6269.7 ) beside Calypso - 10.20- (O=0-2)
Click larger spectrum-photo >>>

6270 kHz
- Radio Calypso, Holland. Strongest of the day whole day
- 08.40- (O=2-3+)

6280 kHz
- UNID after Jodel - 09.00- (O=0-2)
6281 kHz - Jodelpiraat, Holland. Closed at 08.45.Came back later shortly? - 08.40- (O=1-3)
6306 kHz - Radio Brandaris, Holland - 10.40- (O=0-2+)
6310 kHz - UNID (Radio Marconi?)- 10.20- (O=0-2)
6311 kHz - Radio Barretina, Catalonia, Spain tentatively - Saturday eve 19.30- (O=0-2)
6882 kHz - Playback International with special Jazz-weekend!! -
Saturday eve 18.30- (O=2-4)
121257 kHz - WR International, UK - 09.00- (O=0-2)

Sunday, 30 March 2008

Log Sunday 30.3.2008

This weekend basic conditions on SW. Strongest was VOTN on 6275 kHz. One new Russian MW-pirate was identified (my 3rd). Also Energy Power AM from Dublin, Ireland (which I visited in December 2007) was nice to hear on 1386 kHz after a few months.

1386 kHz - Energy Power AM, Dublin, Ireland. Surprsingly clear - 00.00- (O=1-3)
1645 kHz - Radio Barones, Neede, Holland sent greetings to Latvia. Early evening broadcast from Baro - 18.00- (O=2-3)
1713 kHz - Radiostantsja Kalavok (or near like that), Russia. DJ singing karaoke!! Sat 20.35- (O=2-3) mp3 later
5815 kHz - Orion Radio Netherlands. Basic signal here - 08.35- (O=2-3)
6215 kHz - King SW tentatively. Visible, weak audio - 09.40- (O=0-2)
6220 kHz - Radio Marabu, Germany with long programme via Mystery R. - 08.30- (O=2-3)
6250 kHz - Radio Queen, Italy tentatively. Not well audible today - 08.45- (O=0-1)
6270 kHz - Radio Saxonia, Germany (6269.5 kHz) - 10.21 (O=0-2+)
6275 kHz - Voice of the Netherlands. Strongest of the day - 09.40- (O=2-3+)
6280 kHz - Radio Calypso, Holland. My friend Rick (near here) told me Calypso has 30-40 W and that their signal is suprisingly good. That is true!! Little distortion on audio - 10.40- (O=1-3+)
6295 kHz - UNID Dutch. Started with polka non-stop - 10.12- (O=0-2)
6300 kHz - Radio Northpole International, Holland (6300.6 kHz) - 09.08- (O=0-2+)
6305 kHz - UNID shortly "Very good morning..." - 08.55- (O=0-1+)

6308 kHz - Radio Royal (www), Holland. This station has raided 13 times (!) on FM and therefore the operator swiched to Short Wave!! - 08.30- (O=0-2+)

6310 kHz - Radio Malaisy, Italy - 14.20- (O=1-3)
6882 kHz - Radio Playback International opened own blog. Daytime weak, evenings very strong - 09.40- (O=1-3)
12257 kHz - WR International, UK. Quite nicely, but not enjoyable - 09.35- (O=1-2+)

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Log Sunday 23.3.-08

Many stations on the air on SW with Shadowman as the strongest. During the day I tried to phone Greek MW-pirates (see below under next headline).

5815 kHz
- Orion Radio Netherlands. Clearly weaker than week ago. - 09.10- (O=2-3)
6254 kHz - Britain Radio International. Switched off at 11.35- (O=0-2)
6265 kHz - UNID. Premier? from UK, only visible again. No audio - 09.15- (O=0-1)
6270 kHz - UNID shortly. Saxonia?? 6269.6 kHz - 11.20-? (O=0-2)
6271 kHz - Dr. Tim, Germany. Signal improving after 10utc - 09.15- (O=1-3)
6274 kHz - Radio Scotland, Holland - 10.30- (O=1-3+)
6280 kHz - Radio Merlin International, UK - 11.20- (O=0-2)
6285 kHz - Crazy Wave Radio, CWR. Strong but litlle odd modulation - 11.20- (O=2-3+)
6290 kHz - UNID weak - 11.20- (O=0-31)
6295 kHz - UNID weak but momentarily audible - 09.15- (O=0-2)
6295 kHz - Radio Shadowman, Holland. Very strong again - 10.30- (O=3-5)
6300 kHz - UNID 6300.7 kHz - 09.15- (O=0-1+)
6305 kHz - Radio Mazda, Holland - 09.15- (O=2-3+)
6320 kHz - UNID with dance music but too weak to ID while talking - 10.30- (O=0-2)
6882 kHz - Radio PlayBack International. Very strong at night as usual - 09.15- (O=1-3)
6925 kHz - Spider Radio, Greece. Classical music on Sat-Sun night!!
- 23.oo- (O=2-3+)

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Greeks on 19. - 20.3 - Skype-callings to Greece

Here a few Greek pirate-loggings from the past week. Some music-pirates were on the air above 1620 kHz . They gave GSM-numbers for SMS and and I phoned them. (Unfortunately I have quite bad local background-noise on MW just now).
My other identified Greeks are here (with some transmitter photos).

Wed 19.3.2008
1386 kHz - Radio Makedonia, Greece. This station seems to be on the air daily because every time I try this, and when frequency is free, it is there (+/- 1 kHz) - 19.00- (O=2-4)

1625 kHz - Radio Nikolas Dynamitis, Tyrnavos (10 km NW of Larissa), Greece giving SMS-number (6972734489). I phoned to this number shortly and sent sms - and I have message back!! They are the oldest station in the town!! (Tnx Costas for help) - 18.50- (O=1-3) mp3 (name clearly mentioned in the end of mp3)1630 kHz - Radio Anatolia, from Kilkis, Greece. This is also on air daily with phone-in's in the evenings (usually +/- 2 kHz). Must have a few kW tx - 18.30- (O=2-4)
1650 kHz - Radio Thessalos, Larissa-city, Greece. Music-programme for many hours. Now I have learned to identify this station - 18.45 -(O=2-4)
1680 kHz - Stathmos Alpha Vita, Thessaloniki (East), Greece. QSO-station (Vita=Beta. (Tnx Costas for confirming this stn) - 18.40- (O=2-4)

Thu 20.3.2008
1622 kHz - Radio Anikito Kytos, Imathia, west from Thessaloniki, Greece with music and SMS. Gave n:o: 6981748558. I phoned to this number but nobody talking English (First a little girl talking)!- 21.45- (O=1-3) mp3 (tnx Costas for correction)
1629 kHz - UNID Greek with music and SMS-number. Tel. 6949398344. I phoned them but no reply. - 21.45- (O=2-4) mp3
1640 kHz - Radio Anatolia, Kilkis, Greece had to move 10 kHz up from usual frequency because the other station on 1630 kHz. 21.45-

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Loggings Sat 15. - Sun 16.3.2008

Sunday 16.3.2008
5815 kHz - Orion Radio Netherlands with basic, tuneable level - 08.30- (O=2-4)
6210 kHz - UNID, LHH? -
09.30- (O=1-3)
6220 kHz - Mystery Radio, Italy. Weaker around midday here - 09.15- (O=1-3)
6265 kHz - UNID. Premier? Visible only, no audio heard
- 09.40- (O=0-1)

6270 kHz - Radio Altrex, Holland - 09.20- (O=0-2)

6280 kHz - UNID German - 09.20- (O=1-3)
6295 kHz - Greenstad Radio, Holland tentatively
- 11.37- (O=0-2)
6315 kHz - Radio Lowland, Holland - 08.35- (O=2-4)
6305 kHz - Radio Boomerang, Holland with short audio-test. Strongest of the day - 08.55- (O=3-4)
12257 kHz - WR International, UK. Very weak during last two weekends -
09.55- (O=0-1)

Saturday 15.3.2008
1645 kHz - Radio Spanningzoeker, Holland. QSO-session - 18.34- (O=3-4)
1645 kHz - Radio Corona, Holland (or Verona?)
20.15- (O=1-3)
1645 kHz - Radio Barones, Holland on air again this weekend -21.40- (O=3-4)
1648 kHz - Zender Mustang, Holland -
18.41- (O=2-3)
1649 kHz - UNID Dutch beside Sylvania. Perhaps Spakenburg -
18.48- (O=1-3)
1650 kHz - Zender Digitaal, Holland -
18.37- (O=2-3+)
1650 kHz - Radio Sylvania, Holland
- 18.49- (O=3-4)
1655 kHz - Radio Kristal, Holland 18.45- (O=1-3)
1660 kHz - UNID Dutch with programme. Titanic?. Also other late evening Dutches with polka
20.20- (O=2-4)
6265 kHz - Radio Calypso, Holland. Weak
- 11.05- (O=0-2)
6275 kHz - Laser Hot Hits, Ireland. Peaked up nicely -
11.05- (O=0-3)
6311 kHz - Radio Barretina, Catalonia, Spain plans to start with 1 kW!!!
18.30- (O=0-2+)
6882 kHz - Radio PlayBack. On Wednesday I heard Power FM-jingles on this frequency. During this weekend PBi offered US-radioplays from 30-50's - 21.00-
18.34- (O=3-5)
6925 kHz - Spider Radio, Athens, Greece -
21.00- (O=0-2+)

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sunday 9.3.2008

I made some updates to my mainpage There are photo-series of transmitters of Radio 98 and Radio Xenos (both from Volos, Greece) and Radio Balkan, Beograd, Serbia.
On SW strongest of the day was Orion Radio and Radio Lowland. Not so many stations on the air.
Playback was very strong on 6882 kHz but Spider (Greece) and Barretina (Spain) were weak.

Log Sunday 9.3.2008
1629 kHz - Radio Javor, Serbia. Heard during the week on Thursday 6.3.2008. This station is easy to recognize because of very strong echo and shouting!! - 19.05- (O=2-3) mp3
1665 kHz - Radio Barones, Holland in QSO with other Dutches. Too late night to track more other stations... - 22.55-
5815 kHz - Orion Radio played Fleetwood Mac. Has been stronger, but was the strongest today
- 08.10- (O=2-3+)
6250 kHz - Radio Friends, Italy. Played a lot of 80's hits in a row. ID sounded also "Queen" - 08.10- (O=0-2) mp3
6254 kHz - Britain Radio tentatively. UK-stations are mostly very weak here in my QTH. Premier Radio on 6265 kHz was not audible today but weak signal was visible for some moments
- 10.25- (O=0-1)
6290 kHz - Free R. Victoria tentatively. Clear, but no talking heard - 08.05- (O=0-2)
6295 kHz - UNID - 10.25- (O=0-1+)
6306 kHz - UNID Dutch, non-stop. Perhaps R. Viking - 10.25- (O=1-3)
6310 kHz - Radio Lowland, Holland. Quite stabile and fair signal -
08.10- (O=2-3)
6325 kHz - Radio Paardenkracht, Holland tentatively. No talking heard - 08.10- (O=1-3)
6882 kHz - Playback International gave once again huge audio at night - 23.00- (O=3-5) mp3

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Chris Cary 1946 - 2008

One legendary pirate radio personality for me has been Chris Cary. He died in Tenerife on 29.2.2008, still working on some radio projects.
First time I met his name in 1980-81 on Dublin-based pirate Radio Nova, the greatest land-based pirate ever been!! I remember very well when I accidentally found their big AM-signal here in Finland on 843 kHz (50 kW) on November 1981 ! Later I heard Nova also on FM 88.1 MHz (mp3-clip).
I followed happenings around Radio Nova very closely at those times. I have dozens of newsaper-cuttings of Nova-raids, closures, demonstrations, jammings etc. - also from Radio Sunshine, Dublin which Chris was building up with Robbie Dale.
Later I realized Chris was also involved with Radio Luxembough and offshore pirates, Radio Caroline and Radio Northsea.
The most interesting part of this is Chris' legal, local radio, Buzz FM, Birmigham 102.4 MHz in the beginning of 90's.
I heard his small FM-station here in Finland on FM on summer 1993. I sent a report to Buzz but I never got a reply. Ten years later, year 2003, I managed to find out Chris' e-mail and I sent him my mp3-clip. He kindly confirmed my recording.
Buzz FM was not long lived because they were granted only 50 Watts power, but Chris stated me that when I heard his station before the closure, the power was closer to 1 kW. So, no wonder of the nice signal here. Here is my nice sounding clip of Buzz FM received at my home on 102.4 MHz (e-skip via ionosphare, summer 1993)!
Any ideas who is the DJ??

So, I just realized I have QSL from all stations where Chris was involved: Luxy, Caroline, Northsea, Nova, Sunshine and Buzz FM (despite his latest satellite- or LW-projects)!!
(All photos here taken from

Monday, 3 March 2008

Radio PlayBack International

I have a kind and quick reply from new quality-station Radio PlayBack International.
Really interesting venture on SW. They enclosed QSL and very detailed history of radio broadcasting starting from Einstein and Marconi and ending to PlayBack.
In the reply they stated that the station in not located in Italy (We must remember that it is a pirate station - and we are not supposed to know their closer location. So, it is broadcasting from the "island of nowhere", as stated in their jingle).
They promised photos of the equipment and I will publish them here right away!! Very interesting.
Listen PlayBack-jingle in studio-quality!

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Loggings Sat 1. - Sun 2.3.2008

Saturday 1.3.2008
1649 kHz
- Radiostatsiya Vodopad, Russia with many clear IDs. Mp3 - 23.22- (O=2-3)

1655 kHz
- Radio Barones, Holland, I phoned to Baro since long time and he played me good music, Brown Sugar and Beds Are Burning. Thanks! Signal was good but unluckily there were Radio James Bond giving slight interference - 23.00-
Here is my Barones-QSL from 1980. Click >>

1656 kHz - Radio James Bond, North Holland. Sometimes stations from Central- and North Holland are on the air on same frequency at the same time - they do not hear each other so well. James Bond has also big power, around 1 kW - 23.15-

6311 kHz - Radio Barretina, Catalonia, Spain. Not always audible here -
20.00- (O=0-2+)
6882 kHz - Radio Playback International, Italy ("from the island of nowhere"). Fantastic programming. I asked them more info and photos, I hope to have something to publish here!
Momentarily great signal - 20.00- (O=2-4+)
6925 kHz - Spider Radio, Athens, Greece. Weaker this time with peak-ups-
20.10- (O=0-2+)

Sunday 2.3.2008
6210 kHz - UNID. Signal mostly only visible - 09.35- (O=0-1+)
6254 kHz - Radio Queen, Holland
- 09.35- (O=0-2)
6270 kHz - Radio Altrex, Holland tentatively. Very weak today -
09.45- (O=0-1+)
6276 kHz - Radio Bobby, Germany. First time for me -
09.25- (O=0-2)
6280 kHz - Radio Borderhunter, Holland. Strongest today -
09.25- (O=1-3)
6295 kHz - Radio Grensstad, Holland tentatively. Non-stop. Very bad wide noise all the time on 6292 kHz -
09.45- (O=0-2+)
6300 kHz - UNID Dutch (no English spoken) wit weak mic-audio
10.13-18 (O=1-3)
6310 kHz - Radio Malaisy, Italy started at
10.15- (O=2-3+)
12257 kHz - WR International, UK. Barely there today. Asian QRM
- 09.40- (O=0-1)

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Log Sunday 24.2.2008

Many stations on the air this Sunday and also quite clear conditions. Strongest of the day were Radio Scotland, Mazda, Voice of The Netherlands and Paardenkracht - and of course Playback in the late evenings.
Radio Viking Scandinavia (Swedish?) was a nice surprise with USB-broadcast on 6305 kHz.

5815 kHz - Orion Radio Netherlands (www). Good signal. Bad noise on 5818 kHz - 09.30- (O=2-4)
6250 kHz - Radio Queen (tent.). Some signal peak-ups but no talk heard
- 09.35- (O=0-2)
6254 kHz - UNID with carrier shortly. Britain R with technical problems?
10.00- (O=0-2)
6260 kHz - Radio Paardenkracht, Holland (Operator said that the name of the station means "Horsepower" - 09.30- (O=2-4)
6266 kHz - Radio Scotland, Beilen, Holland. Perhaps slightly the strongest of all
- 09.46- (O=2-4)
6278 kHz - Voice of The Netherlands. Good signal, too -
10.00- (O=2-4)
6290 kHz - Radio Mazda, Holland - 09.30- (O=2-4)
6295 kHz - Radio Northpole, Holland (tent.- no talkning heard - identified in C-Europe) with long dance-non-stop. Non-stop-music should be forbidden on 48 mb! - 09.30- (O=1-3)
6305 kHz - Radio Viking Scandinavia (Sweden?) with px in USB-modulation - 09.44 (O=2-3) mp3 later
6306 kHz - Radio Royal, Holland. Popped up after Viking closed down -
09.44- (O=0-2+)
6524 kHz - Radio Ramona, Holland (tent.). Not strong enough to ID although some peak-ups
10.00- (O=0-2)
6540 kHz - Radio Brigitte, Belgium. Tent. No ID - 09.44 (O=0-2)
6882 kHz - Radio Playback International, Italy. Italian spots heard. Audible even around midday. Stronger in the evenings.
6925 kHz - Spider Radio, Athens, Greece on Sat evening. Fair signal. USB -
19.00- (O=1-3)
12257 kHz - WR International, UK. Quite well this Sunday
09.50- (O=0-3)

Saturday, 23 February 2008

I am going to Serbia, 17.-25.5.2008

I am going to Serbia in May 17-26th, just before and during Eurovision Song Contest in Beograd.
I will visit many local legal FM-stations (at least 10 stations) in Beograd and in smaller cities around with my DX-friend (Jim from Espoo), so, the target will be radio 24h, FM- and pirate-radio.

We hope that we can be on the air on some bigger MW-pirate radio from Serbia on some late evening. It could be interesting to try to reach Europe from Serbian pirate between 1600 - 1700 kHz!
I will inform here about the possible broadcast from Serbia. It would be fantastic to take GSM-phone-callings and reports from all over Europe during the brodcast !
The happenings in Serbia does not look good just now. I hope everything will go better - we have already booked the flights!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

QSLs from Volos, Central Greece

Here are my first real QSL-cards from Greek Medium Wave-pirates.

They are Radio Xenos and Radio 98 from Volos, Central Greece - both around 1720 kHz and approx. 1 kW power.

My first Greek MW-QSL is
Radio Ouranio Toxo from Larissa.
It is a verification-letter written to me when I visited that station in October 2006.


Sunday, 17 February 2008

Weekend 16.-17.2.2008 - Russian pirates!

One highlight of this weekend was a few Russian pirates received on Medium Wave 1640 - 1700 kHz. Also I identified one, Radio Palma, location unknown (confirmed by Russian DXer).

I have noticed before that these stations are audible almost only between 15.00 - 18.00 UTC and always there are many stations up at the same time!!! After 18UTC they start to fade out - and very rarely audible at night. I think the reason for this is the sunset efect. So, it is possible that they come far away from Russia. Russian help needed for more info!!

Russian MW-log Saturday 16.2.2008
1641 kHz - Russian pirate with non-stop-Russian music - 16.37- (O=0-2+)
1652 kHz - Russian pirate. Non-stop + some talking - 16.05- (O=2-3+) mp3
1661 kHz - Russian pirate with non-stop-Russian music - 16.35- (O=0-2)
1690 kHz - Radio Palma, Russia. Non-stop for over one hour and closing down at 17.08 UTC. Then QSO. (This clip confirmed to be "Palma" by Russian DXer >) - 15.55- (O=2-4) mp3
1700 kHz - Russian pirate. Only non-stop heard -16.30- (O=1-3) mp3

SW-log 16-17.2.2008
5815 kHz - Radio Orion Netherland. Moved to 5805 kHz after Kiss signed on - 08.50- (O=1-3+)
5815 kHz - Kiss Radio, Denmark. This must be a legal transmitter in Denmark with 5-6 kW used by World Music Radio and FRSH before. Very pro programming! Great signal, but there were multipath distortion to Finland (Finnish Spaceshuttle after Kiss but I was away home)- 09.02- (O=3-5) mp3
6205 kHz - Radio Borderhunter, Holland - 11.05- (O=2-3)
6250 kHz - Radio Friends, Italy. New station for me -09.05- (O=0-2)
6265 kHz - Antonio Radio, Holland -08.53 - (O=1-3)
6270 kHz - Radio Altrex, Holland / Saturday -09.05- (O=1-3)
6271 kHz - Magic AM, Holland. Nice signal peak-ups - 11.15- (O=1-3+)
6275 kHz - LHH (or Rainbow), Ireland / Saturday - 09.00- (O=0-2+)
6280 kHz - Radio Merlin, UK tentatively - 08.57 - (O=0-2)
6281 kHz - Radio Calypso, Holland. New station for me/ Saturday - 09.15- (O=0-2)
6290 kHz - Radio Mazda, Holland. Strongest heard today. -11.10- (O=2-4)
6306 kHz - Radio Royal, Holland. Also on Saturday midday - 11.05- (O=0-2)
6311 kHz - Radio Barretina, Cataluna, Spain. Not good signal this weekend here / Sat -20.05- (O=0-2)
6315 kHz - Radio Saturnus, Holland (tent.) - 11.10- (O=1-3)
6524 kHz - Radio Ramona, Holland (tent.)-11.05- (O=0-2)
6882 kHz - Radio Playback International, Italy with nice pro programming! Audible 24h here and gives quite clean signal later evenings. Not much multipath and slow fading gives partly enjoyable listening. Skip is good to Finland! Must be a "kilowatt-station"!! - 21.10- (O=2-4+) mp3_A / mp3_B
6925 kHz -Spider Radio, Athens, Greece. USB. Once again quite strong - 21.30- (O=1-4)

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Radio 98 received in Finland on Thursday evening

Radio 98 from Volos, Middle Greece had clear signal in Finland on Thursday evening 14.2. -08 from 20.50 to 21.00 UTC. I heard Greek folk music and talking in English:
"This is Station 98 from Volos, Central Greece. Operator name is Panos" mp3_A / mp3_B / mp3_C
The frequency was 1720 kHz and power of the transmitter was 1 kW.

Radio 98 is my 3rd received pirate from Volos-city.
Last Saturday I received two other stations on 1720 kHz. They were Radio Xenos (temporarily 1,2 kW / mp3) and Radio Pilio (1 kW, 6x 813-tube, 3000 V / mp3).
Xenos and Radio 98 are now QSLed and I will put them online soon.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Loggings on SW - Sat 9 - Sun 10.2.2008

I started listening SW at 09.50 utc >
6205 kHz - Radio Borderhunter, Holland - 09.50- (O=2-3+)
6216 kHz - King SW. Weak audio - 10.10- (O=1-2+)
6281 kHz - UNID. Caroline Eifel? Zodiac? Listen the mp3. Ideas? Closing down at 10utc - 09.50- (O=1-3)
6286 kHz - Radio Zodiac, Holland - 11.20- (O=1-3)
6290 kHz -Radio Mazda, Holland. Strongest of the day - 09.50- (O=3-4)
6295 kHz - UNID. Grensstad? 09.50- (O=1-3)
6309 kHz - Radio Cochiguaz. Better than week ago. No reply to my e-mail yet - 09.50- (O=1-3)
6310 kHz - Radio Condor, Holland. Dance music - 10.20- (O=1-3) mp3
6311 kHz - Radio Barretina, Catalonia, Spain - 16.10- (O=0-2)
6325 kHz - Radio Quintus, Holland - 11.15- (O=2-3+)
6400 kHz - WMR Scotland - 11.10- (O=0-2)
6882 kHz - Radio Playback International, Italy. Finally not only non-stop-music. Nice jingles! Very strong signal with good modulation!!! I am very curious what is the tx-power!!! I must ask it! 16.10- (O=3-4)
6925 kHz - Spider Radio, Athens, Greece. USB. Plans to move AM with more power - 16.10- (O=2-3+)

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Radio Xenos and Radio 98 from Volos, Greece test to Finland!

Radio 98 (eneninda okto) from Volos, Greece tested signal to Finland Saturday evening at 19.00 UTC with 1 kW. Frequency was 1750 kHz and later 1720 kHz.
However, it was too early time and the band was not well open - no clear signal here. New test later.

Radio Xenos
received in Finland!!
Radio Xenos from this same city tested at 20.00-20.14 UTC on 1720 kHz. Power was 1,2 kW (max. available 3,5 kW). His signal was poor/fair here in Finland! I heard Greek talking and music - and station-ID in English: mp3_A / mp3_B "This is Radio Xenos from Volos, Greece"
The signal-path here - 2.342 km long (made by Radio Tromokratis. Tnx!)!

After Radio Xenos I heard Radio Pilio (also from Volos) giving signal-report to Xenos. This happened on 1720 kHz at 20.15 UTC. Power also 1 kW. Signal poor/fair. There is clearly "Radio Pilio" said three times (but impossible to ID without Greek help) ! mp3

Volos is a beautiful city by the sea about 160 km North from Athens (60 km South from Larissa).

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Loggings Sat 2.2 - Sun 3.2.2008

Highlights this weekend:
- Test from Radio Elektron, Kucevo, Serbia with 2x PL519-tubes transmitter but only 45 Watts output !! Weak but clear signal here in Finland on 1703.5 kHz.
- 11 years old South-American pirate, Radio Cochiguaz, had broadcast via European pirate on 6309 kHz. Exotic sounds ! mp3

LOG Sat 2.2.2008
1650 kHz
- Radio Hawaii, Holland - 20.10- (O=2-3+)
1665 kHz - Radio Shaduwjager, Hoogeveen, Holland - 18.40- (O=2-4)
1665 kHz - Radio Armada , Lemelerveld, Holland - 18.40- (O=2-3+) mp3
1665 kHz - Radio Teknikal Man, Holland - 19.50- (O=2-3+)
1670 kHz - Polkaman Radio, Holland - 20.04- (O=0-2)

1703 kHz - Radio Elektron, Kucevo, Serbia. Test to Finland. This station uses 2x PL519-tubes / 900 V (but output now only 45 Watts!!). QSO with Vihor 3-4 times - 22.08- (O=0-1+) mp3 (not good ID; fade out)
1704 kHz - Radio Vihor, Pancevo, Serbia. QSO Elektron - 22.20- (O=1-3)

6311 kHz - Radio Barretina, Catalon, Spain (tent.). Very weak on Saturday, but clear with fair signal on late Sunday evening!! - 20.40- (O=0-1) / Sun (O=0-2+)
6925 kHz - Spider Radio, Athens, Greece. Now very strong (USB) 20.45- (O=2-4) mp3

LOG Sun 3.2.2008
5815 kHz
- Radio Orion Netherlands, Holland -08.30- (O=1-3)
6210 kHz - Radio Carneval (tentatively). IDed in Europe - 10.03- (O=0-2)
6266 kHz - UNID - 09.20- (O=0-1+)
6267 kHz - Radio Scotland, Beilen, Holland. c/d at 08.41- (O=1-3)
6307 kHz - Radio Royal (www), Holland. Really Royal? Listen mp3 !! - 09.25 - (O=0-2)

6309 kHz - Radio Cochiguaz (orig. from South America) relayed by some European pirate. Andean music with Spanish IDs which was very nice to hear. They are planning to come back from South America on 11430 kHz USB (now tx-problems). c/d at 09.16- (O=0-2+) mp3 (I have bad local noise)
6310 kHz - Radio Condor, Holland. Nice station-ID but I missed to record it - 10.00- (O=1-3)
6400 kHz - WMR Scotland, UK. Better signal today - 08.30- (O=1-3)

12257 kHz - WR International, UK. Better than ever with my present equipment with even more stable signal. Now I heard their promotion of the web-page. There is live stream, photos and videos!! mp3

( - 10.03- c/d -11.05 (O=0-2+)