Sunday, 28 March 2010

Radio Viktor and Radio Novi Probni from Serbia

I got new photos from Serbian Medium Wave pirate stations.
Radio Novi Probni is from Despotovac from Central Serbia. This station's power today is around 200 watts but on these photos you can see elder 50 W transmitter. The frequency area is 1650 - 1780 kHz.The most interesting in Novi Probni-transmitter is that it is based on mosfet-transistors. I know only one other station which uses transistor-AM-tx. It is Power Energy from Dublin (which I have seen in operation 2y ago). All equipment is self built, even SWR-meter and receiver!!!
I have once tried to hear Novi Probni but no luck with conditions.
The other Serbian is Radio Viktor from Smederevska Palanka, about 30 km South from Belgrade.
I have these photos directly from the station.
I have heard this station once shortly when Radio Barones from Holland had QSO with Serbians around 1700 kHz (Mp3-clip). That happened two years ago on 19.1.2008, late evening on 1702 kHz .
Later I got more information about the transmitter: Power is 500 Watts with 3 x GK71-tubes with 1500 V anode Voltage. Antenna is 76 m about 12 m high (1,5mm wire). (So, the comment from UU1CC below, under these photos, was perfectly right! Great knowledge!)

I have also contact from 3rd new Serbian MW-pirate. That station is Radio Sony near Kragujevac, Central Serbia. He is interested in to test signal to Finland when new tx is ready.