Saturday, 20 December 2008

Listening Dutch pirates on Sat evening

Saturday evening, 20.12.2008, since long time I tuned Dutch pirates on 186 mb. Radio Marskramer from Holland was supposed to test but had to cancel the broadcast.
I checked my L-antenna, 250m directed to South. It is giving a bit interference, but I had some good signals from Holland and Greece.

LOG Sat 20.12.2008 (Times UTC)
1385 kHz - Radio Makedonia, Greece on empty frequency. This station seems to be on the air from year to year!!! Own jingles! 22.52- / O=0-2 - mp3
1620 kHz - The Farmers from Holland with international programme giving GSM. The Farmers was very active in the 90's and raided many, many times. 21.05- / O=1-3
1630 kHz - Radio Anatolia, Kilkis, Greece. Still here every evening! 21.30- / O=0-3
1640 kHz - James Bond with poor audio and unstable frq. JB was very strong 1-2y ago, now surprisingly weak. 21.31- / O=0-2+
1645 kHz - Radio Barones, Holland. Good ol' Baro giving QSOs. 22.35- / O=3-4
1646 kHz - Nordzee Zender with polka for the whole evening. 21.05- O=1-3
1655 kHz - Onbekende Colorado Kever met Bonanza, Noord Oost Friesland, Holland. Played Deep Purple and M.Reilly etc. pop/rock with very strong signal!!! 21.00- / O=2-4+ - mp3
1660 kHz - UNID for some time between Colorado and Viking. 21.10- O=1-3
1665 kHz - Radio Viking, Holland. Non-stop-polka for the whole evening. 21.00- / O=2-3+
3901 kHz - Radio Delta, East Holland. Very strong and clear signal!! This broadcast was heard in USA. The operator said thanks for telephone calling from West Virginia, USA!!!! Read the comment below - 22.45- / O=2-4+


Anonymous said...

Yes, I did hear it here in the U.S.A., but there was a lot of QRM from Amateur Radio Op's, who use this band in the Western Hemisphere. I had Gertie's studio tel.# from previous b'cast, so I called and he verified it was him. He also called me back on Sunday and we had a longer talk. He does not have a computer at this time so only way to contact him while he is on is via the studio#.

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting that you found my blog! Thank you very much for the comment here!! Never thought he could reach USA before I heard it said on the air!
- Harri -

Anonymous said...

Hello and Merry Christmas from the U.S.A. I am basically near the top of a long mountain, some 300-m. or so above the surrounding area, and with 61-m. dipole at a height of about 10-m. for antenna, so good QTH and antenna making DX'ing here very good. I have now heard a little over 50 European Pirate stations here, with power as low as 10-watts, like from R. Bank 69 in Hungary, and have already received QSL's from 43, including Time R. from Netherlands just today.
Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to all my friends in Europe!

Alex Vranes, Jr.
178 Huckleberry Lane,
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425-4588, U.S.A.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a QTH! Have you ever tried 600 m -1 km longwires to try Dutch pirates over 1600 kHz? They use kW's.
Your direction should be like 50 degress NE. I have heard many US stations over 1600 kHz with 1 km wire 310 degrees NW. (new house is built there).
- harri -