Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Global Pirate HF-Weekend 14-15.1.2012

I'd like to remind all pirate stations and listeners around the world that next HF-Weekend will be 14-15.1.2012 !
- - - - Pirates - Sign in during the week !!! - - - -

That would be a test-weekend for pirates from all over the world to broadcast on High Frequencies 10 - 28 MHz (mostly on 15-22 MHz) !! Still much time for preparing things.
New station from BULGARIA just joint to broadcast: Free Radio Bulgaria (F.R.B. Service) will be on the air on 21.490 MHz with 100 W. More info later!

So, I hope also pirate stations from USA and Canada will join this weekend trying to reach Europe and also Asia/Oceania !!
I think that the stations should prefere frequencies between 21.450 - 21.550 MHz and 15.000 - 15.100 MHz, but of course anything goes.

There seems to have been visitors to my blog from all over the world. So, let's hope that we will have new listeners from South America and Asia etc. Big antennas and receivers NOT needed for very long skips.

SCHEDULE for Saturday 14.1 and Sunday 15.1.2012

1) European MORNING 08.00 - 12.00 UTC from Europe to Asia/Japan/Oceania.

2) European AFTERNOON
12.00 - 16.00 utc from Europe to North America and vice versa.

3) European NIGHT 22.00 - 24.00 UTC from North America to Asia/Oceania. NEW!

I have several new stations participating this coming weekend, so, it will be very interesting.
The conditions has came down a little bitduring past weeks. You can see radio-amateurs real-time-QSO's on 28 MHz (10 mb) here:

FOR PIRATES: If you want to join already, put me e-mail:
(harriku****dnainternet.net) - **** = @ .
(I will publish a detailed station-lists only very close to this weekend).


Thursday, 15 December 2011

Radar Serbia Radio on air Sat 17.12.2011 !

Results of Radar Serbia Radio's test
At least 4 reception reports from Europe from Sat 17.12.2011 test broadcast (40 Watts on 2023 kHz)

Patrick from Austria SINPO: 23322. Audio-clip
2) Wolf from Berlin, Germany. Report + spectrum photos
3) Thomas from Germany. SINPO: 25422. Report
4) Nick from Great Britain. SINPO: 24222. Audio-clip - Nice signal in UK!

I did not hear Radar myself but here below is acknowledgement-card for me for arranging this test! Thank you !
- Nice job and succesfull test! Wellcome to 48 mb later!

* * * * * *

Small Serbian pirate station, Radar Serbia Radio, will have test broadcast to Europe on Saturday 17th December 2011! Station will be on the air from 20.00 - 23.00 UTC !! Frequency is very exceptional: 2023 kHz!! The power is only 40 Watts AM. Music will be rock.
Real challenge to hear !

Radar Serbia Radio is planning to start on 48 mb !!! Then it would be the first international SW-station from Serbia (Radar is also using frequencies between 1600 - 1800 kHz, but not often because that band is overcrowded in SE Europe)!

Here is youtube-video of this station brodcasting techno on 2023 kHz!
E-mail to the station: radarserbiaradio@gmail.com

Below here is a photo of station's first 40 W-transmitter. There is a bigger under construction! It is mosfet-transmitter which is very exceptional (used also by Radio Texas in Serbia with bigger power). Click:

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Tubes for sale !

My friend in Serbia is selling tubes worldwide for transmitters and amps. Click the tube-link below for more info:

ECC81 Siemens -- 13.5 eur each ............ 150 pcs

12AT7 General Electric -- 17 eur each .... 300 pcs

PL500 PL504 27GB5 EI Yugoslavia --
19.5 eur each ... 1000 pcs (in stock)

You can also ask for other tubes. He started collecting tubes 25 years ago and has now 25 000 pieces, including 10 000 high quality used tubes. Some of them are in original packages (from Holland and USA forexample). More information of the collection: www.tubes.rs.

You ask more to buy with e-mail nostubes@gmail.com

And here is a link for 20 years old schema for pirate AM-transmitter with PL509-tube. He used pirate-name "Columbia" from Pancevo (in Serbia, near Belgrade).


Monday, 28 November 2011

Video-clip from Old Time Radio

Here is a short Youtube-clip of Finnish Old Time Radio's broadcast on the 6th November 2011.

This clip is taken after the moment when 700 Watt linear amplifier broke down giving a bad "exploiting" sound and the station was on the air for some time with reduced 100 Watts. The amp was repaired quickly to be back on air with full power. That moment is on this video. Click the photo.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Next HF-Pirate-Weekend 14-15.1.2012

Next HF-Pirate-Weekend will be Sat-Sun 14-15.1.2012 !! Note the new photo below >

Let's name it name now "Global Pirate HF-Weekend". A test-weekend for pirates from all over the world to broadcast on High Frequencies 10 - 28 MHz (mostly on 15-22 MHz) !!

So, I hope also pirate stations from USA and Canada will join this weekend!!
I think that the stations should prefere 21-22 MHz, which give best skips faraway, but 15 MHz seems to work also (worse below this).

Lets's also hope that all DX-forums around the world will notice this and we will have more listeners around the world, in Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

Nowdays HF-signals skips easier far away between the continents.

If you want to join already, put me e-mail:
(harriku****dnainternet.net) - **** = @ .
(I will publish station-lists only very close to this weekend).

Here below is a photo of one Dutch pirate station's SW-transmitter. It is 65 Watts AM.
This station will participate in January to HF-Weekend first time on 19 mb. (Station-name revelealed later in January). CLICK for bigger view!!


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

TransAtlantic pirate-QSO - year 1991

Radio Borderhunter from Holland had transatlantic-QSO on Sunday 6th of November 2011 with Undercover Radio from USA. That happened around 21.460 MHz!! Listen it here

I thought that this was the first pirate-QSO between Europe and USA. However, Kai from Norway wrote me that the first ever pirate-QSO happend on 1st of April 1991 on 15.050 MHz. It was made by Liwe Wire Radio from UK who was in QSO-connection with pirate named Commandante John of the Revolutionary Voice of Plainsville (quite long station-name) from USA.
Later, in June 1991, also British Weekend Music Radio had QSO with He Man Radio from USA on 15 MHz.

Radio Black Arrow from Holland confirmed me that he was in QSO with Channel Z (USA) several years ago, on the 4th October 2009 on 15.067 MHz.

(Also Dutch Cupid Radio is rumoured to had a QSO with US-pirate Wolverine Radio on 6.11.2011, but this is not confirmed).

But so far we know today, let's announce that the first pirate-transatlantic-QSO was held in 1991 as written above.
Thanks for info to Kai and Borderhunter.

Radio Black Arrow had reception report from India, from New Delhi, from A. Gupta. The first pirate-listener in India?

2. TIME OF RECEPTION : 0810 - 0830 UTC
3. FREQUENCY : 21490 kHz
4. SINPO : 25222




Sunday, 13 November 2011

Log from Newfoundland, Canada - 5-6.11.2011

Here more loggings from the past 10-28 MHz Test-Weekend, 5-6.11.2011.
This is very interesting log from Terry Toope from Newfoundland, Canada. He heard a lot of stations, also many not participating to this test (listed) - and also from USA. (He got many hints on Ian's chat).
Unfortunately US stations did not participate this test-weekend as listed ones. It would have been interesting to try them in Europe with detailed schedule (Well, perhaps too risky there?).

Saturday, November 5
18950,0L.1118 . Baltic Sea Radio, ID, pirate song, ID, 34432
15807,0 . 1133 . Radio Powerliner Int., music, ID, c/d 1137, 25441
15060,1 . 1158 . Radio Scotland Int, music, ID, said 200 watts, 35442
6925,0 . . 1212 . Captain Morgan Shortwave (US), weak music (country or folk), ID via Iann’s chat, surprised to hear him at all at this time, 25341
21890,2 . 1233 . Radio Oscar Zulu, Celine Dion, ID, dance, on past 1430,25432
21490,1 . 1341 . Black Arrow, ID, email, Heart “ Magic Man”, 35443
15009,1 . 1436 . Old Time Radio, ID, ABBA “The Winner Takes it All”, greetings, Bee Gees “Night Fever”, 35433
26020,0u.1450 . Radio FSM, Foster the People “Pumped Up Kicks”, ID, 25442
26020,0u.1501 . Radio Altrex, calling Russia, greeting Jon in Georgia, voice only, c/d 1504, 35443
26050,0u.1506 . Radio Altrex and Radio FSM, Altrex with voice, ID, greeting Andrew Yoder and me, on top on FSM with pop music, also 3rd station calling in voice (could not copy well, but sounded like “Radio Mike” maybe)
26050,0u.1511 . Radio Free Limburg and Kilo November?, RFL calling, KN? answered, talked about receiving FSM and Altrex, voice only, 25442 for each, Altrex back 1517, heard greetings to me under (I think from Free Limburg) and a 3rd station ( “something” lima)
15009,1 . 1316 . Old Time Radio, weak at first, up to 35432 by 1532, Huey Lewis and the News “If This is It”, greetings, Bee Gees “Night Fever"
15800,0 . 1518 . Radio Powerliner Int., pop music, ID, greetings, , voice was louder than music, 25432
24000,4 . 1522 . Shoreline AM, weak music jingle ID, greetings, het from a carrier on 24000.0 (possibly receiver generated), 23331, moved to 24007,4 for a minute at 1538 (better, 25332), then back to 25000,4
13956,6 . 1614 . Best of Briton, barely audible music, ID via Iann’s chat
15480,0 . 1619 . Radio Borderhunter, ID, greetings, polkas, “Wild Thing” 45444
15490,0 . 1629 . UNID, Beatles “8 Days a Week”, “Tax Man”, “Let it Be”, c/d 1635, 24342 (maybe Powerliner, played a lot of Beatles all weekend)

Sunday, November 6
12257,1 . 0933 . WR Int., barely audible at this time, a little better at 1030 with weak pop and talk with British accent, but still barely above the noise, 15341
20795,0 . 0941 . Radio Borderhunter, dance music, ID, email, 25342
15065,0 . 1002 . UNID, 2 minutes of dance music and c/d without announcement, 35342
15060,0 . 1014 . Radio Shadow, weak music, ID repeated, more music, c/d 1017, 24341
14375.0L.1114 . Radio Fox 48, dance music, ID, c/d 1126, 25441
14385.0u.1127 . Radio Free Limburg, “Come Together”, greetings, “Stand By Your Man”, thanked everyone for listening and c/d 1137, 35442
15065,0 . 1140 . Radio Powerliner Int., Beatles "Back in the USSR", “Oh-Bla-Di, Oh-Bla-Da”, ID, greetings, hip hop, 35442
21880,1 . 1149 . Radio Free Victoria, Gino Vanelli “Wild Horses”, “Nights in White Satin” at 1345, 14441
21550,0L.1201 . Baltic Sea Radio, pirate song, ID with seagull sounds, 23441, splatter from 21540
15065,0 . 1342 . Radio Powerliner Int. tuned in to pop music, but a massive carrier from Cairo cam up within seconds, PL covered completely when Cairo audio started 1344, 25342 before Cairo
21490,0 . 1402 . Radio Black Arrow, came on with a bit of “Dragonslayer”, ID, dance version of ZZ Top “Legs”. 45443
21880,1 . 1425 . Free Radio Victoria, dance music, slow song, talk too weak to copy, ID via Iann’s chat, long slow fades, 25331
20795,0 . 1508 . Radio Borderhunter, dance, ID, weak signal, 25441
23990,2 . 1518 . Shoreline AM, ID, email, pop and rock, 25432
15480,0 . 1532 . Borderhunter Radio, Johnny Cash “One”, jingle IDs, Buck Owens “Johnny Be Good”, 45444
15380,0 . 1542 . Radio Powerliner Int., Beatles “I Feel Fine”, “Revolution”, ID, 25441
15149.0u.1545 . Radio Fox 48, dance music, rather distorted in usb, jingle ID, 25441
21460,1 . 1557. Cupid Radio, ID, beaming to the USA, 400 watts, pop, on past 1735, 25442
15045,0 . 1636 .Radio Shadow, barely audible music fading in and out, moved to 15060 at 1651, c/d 1655, ID via Iann’s chat
21460,0 . 1855 . Wolverine Radio (US), several Cupid-themed songs, ID, SSTV and c/d 1905, 45444 (Cupid then called for QSO, but no reply. Also Black Arrow gave very short report.)

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Old Time Radio-photos - 5-6-.11.2011

I got again photos from Finnish Old Time Radio. These are from the broadcast-session held on the 5-6.11.2011 - on 19 mb and 48 mb.

Here are the photos of temporary studio and 100 W-transmitter with 700 W amplifier.

Antenna is very special again: 3-element quad, made by Finnish wood products!
It is hanging in the air about 6 m high with wires between the trees.
For the 48 mb the antenna was inverted V-dipole about 20 m high in the trees.
OTR was receiver around the world, forexample in California and Japan and all around Europe.
(Here are the old photos of OTR's similar brodcast in January 2011 with long-wire-antenna).


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Youtube-clip of mobile-receptions in Japan

Here is a very good Youtube-videoclip from Saitama, Japan, made by Peacemakerjapan.
He listen Euro-pirates in a car with weak but clear signals!
There are tuned Old Time Radio, Radio Scotland, Cupid Radio and Radio Borderhunter. Click the photo below to see this nice video:

Monday, 7 November 2011

Reports and comments afterwards

Many have asked e-mails for the stations. Here some of them:
- Radio Black Arrow
- radioblackarrow@hotmail.com
- Old Time Radio - oldtime48@gmail.com (Mr Emil Ranta)
- Cupid Radio - cupidradio@hotmail.com
- Radio Scotland (Holland) - radioscotland@hotmail.com
- Baltic Sea Radio - balticseapirate@gmail.com (DJ Sailor)
- Radio Borderhunter - borderhunterradio@hotmail.com

* * * *
Signals in New Zealand!!
Stations got reports around the worldm but the longest distance was New Zealand in Tauranga (John) for Radio Scotland (from Holland), Black Arrow (Holland), Borderhunter (Holland) and Baltic Sea Radio (Scandinavia). SW-skips surprises us every now and then!
Clips of Black Arrow in New Zealand: Clip 1 - - Clip 2
Clips of Borderhunter in New Zealand: Clip 1 - - Clip 2

* * * *
Radio Scotland had also signal in Japan on 15.060 MHz Clip-here - made by Takunioh

* * * *
Here loggings from Ukraine, by Alexandr in Kiev:
14.24 - 21490,0 - Radio Black Arrow - 45533
14.38 - 24000,0 - Shoreline Radio - 33522
14.43 - 21890,3 - Radio Oscar Zulu (tent.) - 25532
14.45 - 15009,3 - Oldtime Radio - 44444
15.20 - 15800,1 - Radio Powerliner Int'l - 45433
15.32 - 23990,0 - Shoreline Radio - 45433
16.40 - 15480,0 - Borderhunter Radio - 45544

14.06 - 21490,0 - Radio Black Arrow - 45533
14.26 - 21880,0 - Free Radio Victoria - 25432
14.54 - 23990,3 - Shoreline Radio - 44544
15.08 - 20795,0 - Borderhunter Radio - 35422
15.35 - 15480,0 - Borderhunter Radio - 45433

I will publish mp3-clips on my site later: GO HERE/ Alexandr

* * * *
Youtube-clips of Baltic Sea Radio made by Takeshi W. in Japan
Youtube 1 - Youtube 2

* * * *
Youtube-clips of Old Time Radio and Black Arrow - made by Token in California, USA
Youtube Old Time R - - Youtube Black Arrow

* * * *
Comments from Oslo, Norway by Kai S. (not listening this weekend).
He writes:
"I read on the HFU that Cupid had a QSO with Wolverine R. on Sunday! Not bad!
I don't think the QSO between Black Arrow and Channel Z was the first transatlantic QSO, by the way. I believe Live Wire Radio (UK) had several contacts with NA stations on 15 MHz in the early 90s (or was it somebody else?)."

Radio Borderhunter comment this afeterwards:
"Your are right Kai! It was Live Wire from the UK, it was far away in my mind but now I remember it again. I did received that time a qso's between them too.
73 - Frans, Borderhunter."


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Summary of the Japan Weekend!

Here a short summary of this HF-test weekend. It was very succesful !!

Despite this was named Japan test-Weekend it was naturally targeted to everybody around the world, too. The name came originally from my Japanese contacts when we made this first time in January 2011.
We originally planned to make this weekend in April but because of disaster in Japan we had to cancel it.

I have had many thanks from all around the world for organizing this weekend, from stations and from listeners. Thank you very much for the positive feedback to everybody!

The fact was that frequencies over 21 MHz was better open than 15 MHz. That was a surprise!

However, there were many receptions in USA and Japan - and even in India and Uzbekistan.
Also nice to have loggings from Ukraine and Russia.

We make this again later! Perhaps around Xmas or New Year. Let's see.


Harri Kujala,
Naantali - Finland

Message from Uzbekistan from Uzbekdx:
Thank you for good weekend. Today was a nice propogation on 13 mb. Listen with pleasure two stations:
07:56-0855 on 21460 Cupid Radio SIO=2-3/5/2-3
08:05-08:44 on 21490 Radio Black Arrow SIO=2-3/5/2-3 on both frequency with QSB.
And all with 40 cm antenna whip!


Leave Sunday-reports and comments here

The latest updates to this page:

-More loggings
added on lists below to Finland-section and to SPAIN!

- More Youtube-clips from Japan of Borderhunter, Cupid and Old Time Radio!! See below under Japan-section!

Write your comments and observations from this Sunday under this text.
Click the Comment-box and write your message.

Spain, Catalonia (Artur Fernández Llorella, MALGRAT DE MAR, Spain)
5th November
15807 KHz, 10.25, Radio Powerliner, music, 23322
18950 KHz (LSB), 09.35, Baltic Sea R., rock mx, closed at 09.45, 24442
21490 KHz, 10.10, Radio Black Arrow, E, music, ids, playing Yazoo, 24442

6th November
9301 KHz, 09.25, FRSH, E, music, ids, 23332
12257 KHz, 08.50, WR International, E, music, playing M Jackson, 24332
12280 KHz, 09.50, Unid, Shoreline?, music, 23222
15009 KHz, 09.10, Old Time Radio, E, music, playing "I'll survive", 23332
15060 KHz, 08.10, Radio Scotland, E, ids, playing "Amer. woman", 44444
15800 KHz, 08.15, Radio Powerliner, E, music, ids, pl. "Mirror man", 24442
20795 KHz, 08.35, Radio Borderhunter, E, music, playing rock&roll, 22332
21460 KHz, 08.20, Radio Cupido, E, music, 22332
21490 KHz, 08.25, Radio Black Arrow, E, ids, e-mail, music, playing Eurythmics, 23442
21550 KHz (LSB), 09.30, Baltic Sea Radio, music, ids, e-mail, playing ABBA and Roxette, 34433


Radio Black Arrow has e-mail-reports from Belgorod and Togliatti from Russia!


Rick's loggings from the afternoon session
15065 Powerliner S9 13.36- UTC.
21880 Free Radio Victoria S9+20dB in the peaks, 11.50-
15480 Borderhunter S9 15.35-

Rick's loggings from the morning session:
15060,1 R. Scotland Int S9+10dB 07.01-UTC
15800 Powerliner S9 07.48-
21490 Black Arrow S9+10dB 08.08-
20795 Borderhunter S9+10dB 08.13-
21460,3 Cupid R. S9+20dB 08.23-
12257,1 WR Int. S7 08.35-
9301,3 FRSH S7 08.55-
21490 BS Radio S9+10dB 08.59-
15009,3 OTR (tentative) only visible, 09.20-
15060 R. Shadow (tentative) S7 09.46-
15065 UNID S8 09.57-

Cupid Radio informs us that he has e-mail also from Tashkent, Uzbekistan (from Uzbekdx)!!!

"Unbeleivable...listening to Cupid Radio 350 watts on 21460 khz, SINPO 35333 here in New Delhi, India !!" (Alokesh Gupta)

New Zealand
Tentatively Shoreline "on 24000.03 audible weakly here in New Zealand with heavy rock music at 0758 UTC! " (Bryan DX, New Zealand))

Good conditions in Japan to Europe today:
- Thanks-message from Japan

Takunioh from Japan reports:
Sunday's Audio clips,R.Black Arrow and R.Borderhunter are here.
He has been listen with mobile-equipment with Eton E1 and antenna Sony AN-12.

"Shimane" from JAPAN reports many stations around 0800UTC~
15.009AkHz Old Time Radio youtube
21.460AkHz Cupid Radio youtube
21.490kHz Radio Black Arrow (up)- Youtube-video
20.795kHz Radio Borderhunter youtube

Report from
S.Hasegawa, Japan:
"I received 20795 -Radio Borderhunter / 21460-Cupid Radio / 21490-Radio Black Arrow and 21550-BSR at 0830UT.

- Shoreline AM 24.000 MHz 07.20 utc with SINPO 44333 or even better (signal level increasing with time) in Ukraine. (DXer: Vitaly)

At 08.10 utc big signals in Ukraine!! (DXer: Vitaly)
15060 - Radio Scotland International, 34333
21460 - Radio Cupid, SINPO 55533...55544
21490 - Radio Black Arrow, SINPO 54544,
20795 - Radio Borderhunter, SINPO 45444

Another log from Ukraine, Lviv (DXer: Ihor) 08-09 utc
20795 Borderhunter sinpo 35333
21460 Cupid Radio sinpo 45434
21490 Black Arrow Radio sinpo 45434

.Here is a photo from "Radiosiesta" from Japan. He is listening Europirates outdoors with mobile-equipment. The listening place is a horse-racetrack. Great!! Sunday 6.11.2011 at 07.00 utc!

Radio Borderhunter on 20.795 + FRSH 9.300 MHz

On Sunday morning Radio Borderhunter will be on the air on 20.795 MHz.
07.00 - 08.00 utc / 10.00 - 11.00 utc.

In the afternoon the station will broadcast on 15.480 MHz at 16.00 - 17.00 utc.

FRS Holland will be on the air this Sunday morning (as schedules) on 9.300 MHz at 08:52 UTC= 09:52 CET.


Saturday, 5 November 2011

Sunday 6.11.2011

Please check some possible updates in the Sunday schedule below this blog.

Here one update from Radio Powerliner

- 15.065 or 15.807 MHz - AM

Sunday: 09.00 - 10.00 utc and 13.00 - 14.30 uTC
Also a transmission is planned on 17.600 MHz in the early Sunday morning.

Radio Borderhunter will give new frequency on Sunday morning.

Euro-signals in Georgia, USA

Here are the loggings from Georgia, USA
Jon Maples from Tallapoosa, Georgia USA heard these today:

Radio Oscar Zulu 21.890 1310-1435 utc Best was 1400-1435 utc SINPO is 25222 at best peak. E-mail to Oscar Zulu??? mp3

Radio Black Arrow 21.490 1400 utc SINPO...34233 peak mp3-1
Shoreline Radio 24000 khz 1547-1610 utc SINPO 13221

Radio Altrex 26020 khz usb doing qso chat SINPO 23233

Radio Borderhunter 15480 khz 1645 utc SINPO 34333

Radio Borderhunter and Undercover Radio having trans-atlantic qso!
15480 khz 1734 - 1745 utc SINPO 34333 mp3

Radio FSM 26020 khz usb and AM 1450 - 1502 utc SINPO 14222 at peak

Euro-pirate and US-pirate-QSO today !!

Radio Borderhunter (Holland) got reception reports today from Canada and from different states of America like New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia and others!!
They heard also many other European pirates in USA. I hope to have some loggings also from USA later!! (So far I know, Finnish Old Time Radio was also received in California).

The exceptional moment today was QSO between
Radio Borderhunter and Undercover from USA - after Borderhunters broadcast. They heard each other very well changed signal-reports to each other!! Congratulations!!
LISTEN THIS QSO (26 Mb mp3-file)


Signal-reports and comments here!

New observations/notes:
- Shoreline Radio 12280,3 kHz. Late afternoon signal in Finland, 16.48UTC S9+20dB
- "Simane" from Japan heard Cupid Radio (Youtube) and also Baltic S.R .(Youtube 1) (Youtube 2)
- Finnish Old time Radio was received in California !!! 15.009 MHz.
- Mike from Japan wrote about conditions: "I think Upper 17MHz progation was fair, but under 15MHz was not good propagation"
- Radio Borderhunter will be on the air on Sunday morning and afternoon. New frequency given tomorrow! Borderhunter was received in USA today on 15.480 MHz frequency!
- Old Time Radio (Finland) received in Romania (see below)!
- Shoreline Radio has been noticed
in Finland on 14380kHz. Remeber this frequency tomorrow!
- Black Arrow announced a reception report from California!! Big signal also in New York: Youtube of New York-signal !!
- Radio Oscar Zulu from Holland (not listed) was received in Ukraine today on 21.890 MHz! (see below on the log)
- Also Mike Radio from Holland is a new station (not listed). Heard on frq. 11.270 MHz. Keep on ear also on this frequency also tomorrow.
- Report from near Vladivostok, Far East Russia! Youtube (Cupid Radio) See below >


CLICK the comments-box below are write your message! It is open for everybody without any limits for this weekend.


- "Simane" from Japan heard Cupid Radio (Youtube) abd BSR (Youtube 1) (Youtube 2)
- "I received Baltic Sea Radio at 08:03 utc on 21.550kHzLSB" Kanagawa, Japan.
- BSR and Cupid received in Japan by Tanukioh. Audioclip 1 Audioclip 2
- Baltic Sea Radio at 08.22 utc on 21.550 MHz - LSB (Listener "Radiosiesta", Japan)
- Cupid Radio at 08:35 utc on 21.460MHz - AM (Listener "Radiosiesta", Japan)
- Baltic Sea Radio in Japan at 08.08 utc on 21.550 MHZ - LSB - ( from S. Hegsegawa, NDXC)
- Cupid Radio in Japan at 08.20 utc on 21.460 MHz - AM - (from S.Hasegawa, NDXC)

- Cupid Radio
also informs that 'Mike' in Japan heard his broadcast

- Cupid Radio on 21460 kHz, reception in Russian far East close to Vladivostok (80 km) SINPO: 25332 Youtube-link to reception in Vladivostok!!

- Old Time Radio Finland with 15009 kHz station ID at 1526 GMT and then a Spanish version of "I Will Survive". S7 signal with fading here in N Romania
- Black Arrow on 21490 kHz sounds amazing here in N Romania at 1413 UTC. S9+10, like local!!
- UNID, 21890 kHz, S5-S7 signal with fading here in N Romania, music at 1219UTC, "Gotham City" - R. Kelly.
-Radio Powerliner 15807 kHz, weak signal (barely above S1) in N Romania at 1038 GMT. Rised to a good S5 at 1043 with Bruce Springsteen singing "Brilliant Disguise". (Tudor)
-Radio Black Arrow, 21490 kHz - S7 signal with fading in Nortnern Romania; station ID with email info at 1022 GMT. (Tudor Vedeanu)
-Cupid Radio on 21450 kHz, strong signal in Romania! (Tudor Vedeanu)
-Baltic Sea Radio (18950 kHz, LSB), S7 signal in Northern Romania. Station ID at 0921 UTC. (Tudor Vedeanu)


to USA in afternoon in Finland (logged by Rick):
- ROZ R. Oscar Zulu 21890,1kHz at 12.36UTC, 21890,3 at 14.05UTC, very weak but clear ID, fadings.
- Mike R. 11270kHz short test at 13.18 UTC S9, 21850kHz at13.57 UTC S8.
- Black Arrow 21490kHz S9 at 13.47 UTC.
- Shoreline R. 14380kHz at13.59UTC very weak, no ID
- Powerliner 15810kHz at 14.50UTC, moved to 15800 at 14.53UTC S9 signal.

- Mike Radio
- Holland -11270kHz S7 at 12.12UTC.
- Radio Spaceshuttle on 12805,1 S9+10dB at12.26UTC
- Radio Scotland Int 15060,1 at 12.10-UTC S9+10db in SW Finland
- BSR 18950LSB 11.35UTC weak signal via Globaltuner Thessaloniki Greece
- BSR 18950LSB at 11.15UTC via Globaltuners Vienna weak but clear signal
- Powerliner
on 15807kHz 10.30UTC S6-S9 in SW Finland (Rick)
- Baltic Sea R 18950LSB S6 08.30- via Globaltuners Sekule Slovakia (Rick)
- Radio Scotland Int.15060,2kHz S9+20dB 07.45-UTC in SW Finland. (Rick)
- Cupid 21460kHz no signal here, but weak on 6299,8kHz. (Rick)

- Powerliner on 15807kHz, 35333 in Stockholm, a little bit of fading (anonymous, Sweden)

- Radio Black Arrow, 21490 kHz -*1420 54533 here in Eastern Ukraine
- Unlisted station: Radio Oscar Zulu, - Holland - 21890kHz - here in Ukraine 45422, fady.

Friday, 28 October 2011



9 stations (one cancelled) signed up to new Japan Test-Weekend !!
- - - SATURDAY 5.11.2011 and SUNDAY 6.11.2011 - - -

Station - Country - Frequency - Modulation (power)

1) BALTIC SEA RADIO - Scandinavia - 18.950 / 21.550 MHz - LSB (80/200 W)
Saturday and Sunday:
To Japan: 08.00 utc > 21.550 80W-LSB / 10.00 utc 18.950 MHz 200W-LSB
To USA: 14.00 utc > 18.950 kHz 200W-LSB

2) OLD TIME RADIO - Scandinavia - 15.008 MHz - AM (500 W)
Saturday and Sunday
To Japan: 08.00 - 09.00 utc - 15.008 MHz (possibly not Sat morning!)
To USA: 14.00 - 15.00 utc - 15.008 MHz

3) CUPID RADIO - Holland - 15.065 (>15.070) / 21.460 MHz (>21.465) MHz - AM
Saturday: 08.00 - 09.00 utc on 21.460 MHz / + afternoon 15.065 or 21.460 MHz
Sunday morning 07.30 - 09.00 utc on 21.460 MHz

4) XXXXXXX RADIO - USA - above 9 MHz (30 meters) - AM
Exact schedule for Sat and Sun: CANCELLED, tx problems

5) RADIO SCOTLAND - Holland - 15.060 or 15.080 / 15.090 / 15.305 MHz - AM (200 W)
Saturday: (09.00 - 10.00 utc, not 100%) and 14.00 - 15.00 utc
Sunday: 09.00 - 10.00 utc

6) SPACESHUTTLE RADIO - Scandinavia - 21 MHz - AM (50/150 W)
Sunday morning 08.00 utc >>> around 21 MHz (exact freq. given here on Saturday)

7) RADIO BLACK ARROW - Holland - 21.490 MHz - AM (80 Watts)
Sunday morning 08.00 utc >>
Antenna dipole on 14 meters height. Looking for Spain, Finland, Japan and New Zealand.

8) FRS HOLLAND - Holland - 9.300 MHz - AM
Sunday morning at 09.00 - 10.00 utc on 9.300 MHz.

9) RADIO POWERLINER - Holland - 15.065 or 15.807 MHz - AM
Saturday: 09.00 - 10.00 utc and 13.00 - 14.30 utc
Sunday: 09.00 - 10.00 utc and 13.00 - 14.30 uTC
Also a transmission is planned on 17600 kc in the early Sunday morning.

10) RADIO BORDERHUNTER - Holland - about 15.480 MHz (New freq)
Saturday: 15.00 - 16.00 utc
Sunday: 07.00 - 08.00 utc + 10.00 - 11.00 utc / 16.00 - 17.00 utc

11) WR INTERNATIONAL from UK on 12.257 MHz on Sunday from 09.00 utc (AM, 35 watts).
Not participating to the test but they are on the air every Sunday anyway!


Saturday, 22 October 2011

10-28 MHz Test-Weekend for pirates 5-6.11.2011

- - - SATURDAY 5.11.2011 and SUNDAY 6.11.2011 - - -

The sun has reactivated F2-layer and higher SW-frequencies are now open daily up to 28 MHz from Europe to USA and Asia (and vice-versa).
It is now time to arrange new test day for pirates to reach other continents on SW. Last time in January 2011 it was succesfull.

Saturday 5.11 and Sunday 6.11.2011
MORNING 07.00 - 11.00 UTC from Europe to Asia/Japan
AFTERNOON 12.00 - 16.00 from Europe to USA

Let's hope this give positive feelings to Japan who has not yet survived from the terrible tsunami. We here in Finland have learned from the media that Japanese ARE extremely persistent and strong people!! Let's hope there is now again many listerners to join this!

But this weekend is for all SW-pirates to reach other continents! I know there are stations also in USA to try to Europe and Japan. Also many stations in Holland, UK and Finland will certainly join this.

I will publish more exact times later (Wintertime-change on 30.10.2011) and also list of the stations (first with XXXX-markings) with times and frequencies.

Contact me asap if you want to join to broadcast.
Let's make this pirate-hobby global again.


Harri Kujala
Naantali (near Turku)
Direct-mail: harriku***dnainternet.net (***=@)

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Contact from the 80's - Zender 807, Holland

During the end of the 70's and sometimes in the 80's I was DXing Dutch pirates on 1600 khz - 1670 kHz (+ 227 mb etc.). I heard hundreds of stations and I got also many unique replies (listed here with samples).
Every now and then I got contact from these old pirates when they find my pages.

This week I got contact from Zender 807 from Voorthuizen, Holland. He was broadcasting from 1979 till 1996 on MW. I heard his station on 1986 and I got his reply, too 25 years ago.
Now he found my page and his station named there - and mailed me old photo and sticker-copies. He might be coming to to airwaves and builds soon web www.radio807.nl.I scanned Zender 807's letter which I got from him 25 years ago. Click the photo for bigger view to read it.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Serbian tube-page

See the updates on Serbian tube-page


25 000 pieces of tubes in quite big collection!!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Old Time Radio photos

Old Time Radio from Scandinavia was one of the stations which participated "Japan Test-Weekend" on the 29-30.1.2011.
OTR was not received in Japan, but very well in Georgia, USA on 15.008 MHz. Signal was also good in many parts of Europe.

OTR built experimental longwire-antenna for 19 mb which was 239,5 meters long wire on ice hanged on sticks about 3 m high!! Se the photos below!
This longwire was matched 1/12 wavelegth to 19 mb to 230 degrees direction. It is not the best possible direction towards Japan, but should give back-beam to that direction!
There were similar to North America-direction (310 degrees direction) which reached USA.

Click the photos for better view.
Temporary studio, transmitter and antenna + antenna-tuner:

New Baro-recording from Japan

Japanese DX-ers with nicknames "Shinzo" and "RadioSiesta" found new recordings of Radio Barones from their Hokkaido-pedition.

This recording is made of clips of Radio Barones receptions on 30.1.2011 between 18.10 - 18.22 UTC in Hokkaido, North Japan (1658 kHz). There are two "Baro"-id's on this clip (about 0.33, 01.33 min): AUDIO 3

Let's hope they find also some other Dutch stations from their Perseus-files!! It is possible because Baro's signal was so clear and quite strong. Baro's transmitter-power is a bit over 2 kW.

Japanese DX-ers used Perseus-receiver. It is SDR-receiver. It is possible to record WHOLE MW-band (2 MHz) to one file to analyze any frequency afterwards. So, it is possible to have more surprises later!


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Radio Barones heard in Japan !!!

Today I got mp3-files from Hokkaido-pedition, North Japan (listeners Shinzo and RadioSiesta)! Very interesting!

They heard Radio Barones (near Neede, Holland) in Japan last weekend on 1658 KHz!
There is no ID on the Japanese clips but there is clearly Baro talking in Dutch and thanking for report from Austria (Oostrijk)! (I also recognized his voice immedeately)


- Radio Barones in Hokkaido, Japan on Saturday 30.1.2011 at 17.57 UTC on Medium Wave 1658 kHz: AUDIO 1

- Another clip but weaker signal: AUDIO 2 (17.36 UTC)

Alltough there is no ID on the clips, Radio Barones just mailed me comments, that the clips are clearly his station - and his voice!

Congrats Baro!!

Distance 8600 km !


Monday, 31 January 2011


Japanese DX-listeners "Shinzo" and "RadioSiesta" monitored pirates in Hokkaido (North Japan) during their weekend-pedition (29-30.1.2011).

They heard Scandinavian Baltic Sea Radio with Delta Flag-antenna on Sunday morning, 29.1.2011 (+ also 30.1) on 14.350 MHz. AUDIO

They also heard some MW-pirates (but I will have their clips later to listen).
There is a big challence to hear MW-pirate from Holland between 1620-1680 kHz!!
(It is possible! In Finnish Lappland DXers have heard dozens of Japanese maritime traffic (Sea) stations with only 50 Watts of power on 1669 kHz!).

Here is a photo of Delta Flag-antenna used in Hokkaido pedition! (A lot of snow, almost like we have in Naantali, SW Finland). Click better view:

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Signals in Kiev, Ukraine

Alexandr - ULX2 in Kiev, Ukraine made a few observations on HF-frequencies with nice signals!

He tuned FR Nova, Scotland and Cupid on 19 mb on Sunday 30.1.2011.

His page is Sounds and Pictures from the Air (many audio-clips)

Log and audios from Thessaloniki, Greece

Wellknown DXer Zacharias Liangas made perfect monitoring in Thessaloniki, Greece during the Japan-weekend! He heard many stations.

RX : R 75 ICOM receiver - antennas : 2 x 16 inv V and 16 m horizontal
You can find audio-clips from his AUDIO-PAGE.

14374.7 USB - Shoreline Radio 0804 with old rocks. OM IDed many times on 0805. Again ID on 0817 followed with song from Deep Purple. Signal max S3 15433.

12265 - Space shuttle 0812 with lively music (tango? Waltz? ) Max signal S2 but most time under the local DSL QRN.

15068.4 - F R Nova on 0706 has been heard with old songs and signal S2.
Better on 0822 with signal 15342.

12264.7 - Space Shuttle on was audible after 0838 with S2 level max S3
1-2/5332. Heard a rock song.

15008.9 - Old Time Radio on was very poor on 08xx though several times
could be heard marginally.

15052 - R Scotland on 15052 found on 0757 with a carrier of S3-4 . ON 0802 was airing the song 'call me' of Blondie , then OM with talks calling Japan then with old song "I wonder'. S4 max 25434. The station with the strongest signal.

14350 USB - Baltic Sea Radio on U on 0818 with ID email and talks S0 15332. Best signal using the 16 m horizontal antenna.

15074.9 - Cupid Radio. Duno if he was transmitting for the occasion but he
was quite well audible audible as with the previous tuimes I logged him. He supposedly started on 0900 but i tuned in, on 0912 with ID and old song, and signal level S3 max.


Radio Scotland is received in Japan today!!

Radio Scotland (from Holland) reached Japan today!!

Listener was "Tanukiou" in Kumamoto, South Japan with Sony AN-12 active antenna !

More observations from other Japanese listeners might come tomorrow or later.

Congrats Scotland!!

Here is Tanukiou's page of this reception with audio-clip:

Clear ID at the point 0.47 sec - and after that (length of clip 2.18 min).

Great!! 9080 kilometers distance !
250 Watts power - AM modulation - Dipole 10 meters high.
Here is Youtube-video of Scotland's R&S-transmitter/studio:

DSF-files in Youtube:

From listeners "Shinzo" and "RadioSiesta"). There might be some surprises...?

I got this Special-QSL for Japan Contest from Radio Nova, Holland.
(Add: Nova was not received in Japan. This is sample-QSL for this project)

Now I also got information that "Mike" from Japan heard Cupid Radio (Holland) one year ago on 15.070 MHz, in February 2010. So, this was not the first time for Euro-pirate to reached Japan.
You can find more info of Mike's QSL's (like Euro-pirates WMR from 2005!, Mystery, Strike, Malaisy !!) from his page:


Not good conditions on Sunday

Sunday 30.1.2011 gave us poor conditions on higher frequencies, but of course not much expected at this time of the year.

Japanese are very keen on to hear European pirates because it is real DX-ing (real Distant X-stations)!! We also try to make real-time chatting with them.

Some random HF-results listed:

- Baltic Sea Radio was propably heard again in Japan on Sunday 14.350 MHz USB.

- Radio Spaceshuttle was heard in Europe well.

- Old Time Radio had better Saturday (in USA!) than Sunday.

- Channel Z Radio from USA was well audible in USA and Canada on Saturday evening on 11.428 MHz but no sign in Europe or Japan.

- Radio Waves from France had clear signal in Finland on 11.401 MHz around 09.05 UTC

- Japanese heard weak music-audio on 15.052 MHz (Radio Scotland-frq.). We wait for possible recordings.

- Ukraine: Radio Scotland (Holland), Old Time Radio (Scandinavia, 15.008 MHz) and Radio Nova AM (Holland, 15.050 MHz) was heard in Ukraine with good signals! WEB-LINK

- Free Radio Nova (Holland) was also received in Finland with moderate signal on 15.050 MHz

- Cupid Radio from Holland had big signal in Finland (with deep fading) on 15.075 MHz. Cupid Radio was not listed on the schedule.
Here is my recording of Cupid Radio, 15.075 at 09.36 UTC Audio-clip
Another audio-clip when Cupid is fading out from HiFi to zero (9 kHz bandwidht).


Radio Waves from France 11.401 MHz

French Radio Waves is on the air from 07.45 UTC > on 11.401 MHz !

About Borderhunter:
this morning frequency 15.810 MHz was occupied by Trans World Radio, so it was not possible to hear Borderhunter in Japan. Borderhunter moved 15.260 MHz but I could't pass the info further.
Better luck next time.


Saturday, 29 January 2011

Radio Borderhunter 15.810 kHz (Sun 04-05 UTC)

Radio Borderhunter will be on the air in Sunday morning 04-05 UTC on 15.810 MHz!!!!
250 Watts AM. Location is Belgium.

Read the Comments below....


BSR in Japan - OTR in USA!

Baltic Sea Radio was received in Japan today by five listeners!!
Frequency 14.350 MHz USB at 08.00 UTC >>

1) Listener "Hiroo" in Kanawaga heard weak signal, 08.07 UTC Audio
2) Listener "Tuyo" in Shimane-pref. at 08.18 UTC Youtube
3) Listener "Tanukiou" in Kumamoto. Audio
4) Listener "RadioSiesta" in Hokkaido-pedition heard BSR at 08.35 UTC !! Clip later
5) Listener: "Saito" from Maebashi-city from 07.57 - 08.15 UTC Audio

Translate this with Google-translator:

BSR will broadcast this evening on 7.200 MHz at 21 UTC!

Old Time Radio (Scandinavia, 15.009 /15.071 MHz) was received in Tallapoosa (JonM near Atlanta) Georgia, USA today afternoon! !!

Radio Spaceshuttle (two frq's) from Scandinavia was received in C-Europe with nice signals! OTR and Spaceshuttle used AM-modulation.

Shoreline AM from Holland was clear in Finland on 14.375 MHz on
Saturday morning.

I hope to get more reports this evening - and tomorrow of course !