Friday, 19 June 2009

First US-pirate-QSL: Radio Jamba !

Yestreday I got my first pirate-radio-QSL from USA! I heard this station over one year ago, and I sent an e-mai,l but it never reached the operators!
Now the station operator found mp3 from my blog and confirmed it to be Radio Jamba International (blog).
This broadcast which I heard in May 2008 was mobile from Missouri with 80 Watts USB on 6925 kHz. Signal was weak here in Finland but it was recognizable!

Radio Jamba is on air for alternative radio programming and it is part of Area 51-group broadcasting on legal SW-station WBCQ on 5110 kHz. Jamba has own weekly show on this station.

It is very hard listening trying to catch US-pirates. The reason for that is time for reception. Here in Finland it is mostly possible between 02-05 at night our local time - also the time for deepest sleep.
It is possible to reach the whole world on this frequency/power, if there is s chance to have long broadcasting times. Spider Radio from Athens, Greece is a good example. This station has been heard all over the world on this channel in USB, including New Zealand, Japan, USA... Very often good signal here in Finland!