Sunday, 27 December 2009

Zender Zanussie from Holland on 1512 kHz

During Christmas time I have some more time for pirate DX-ing.

On this Sunday 27.12.2009 I heard Dutch pirate on unusual frequency, on 1512 kHz. The station was Zender Zanussie from Overijssel-province, near Kampen in Holland!

The most surprising thing was that this station was audible for the whole day!! Usually MW-signals fade away for midday-hours when the sun is shining.
Also my antenna is not the best possible for this kind of reception. I used 48 mb SW-dipole.

I contacted my friend, Zender Blauwe Piraat, in Holland and he sent my clip to this station during the broadcast - so I got greetings live on the air from Zanussie, which I luckily also heard myself!

Here is that recording made by me in Finland (greetings to me): Zender Zanussi, on 1512 kHz - 27-12-2009 at 13.20 cet: Mp3-FIN

Luckily Blauwe Piraat made also recording of this same moment locally in Holland! It is here: Wav-HOL

That was a little bit special reception this Sunday. Yesterday (Saturday 26.12) , I think I heard Zender Montoya on this same frequency, but no ID unluckily.