Friday, 15 October 2010

Pirate stations which I received on FM last summer !

During summer time I monitor FM-band very intensively! It is possible to hear radio stations from 1000 - 3500 km distance on FM-band 87.5 -108 MHz via ionosphere (photo beside)!

Last sumer there were excellent conditions on FM to Europe. I identified hundreds of stations from all around (My distance-record last summer was Radio Darom from Beerseba, Israel on 95.8 MHz, 5 kW, 3380 km. I have QSL).

However, I heard also a few pirate stations on FM via ionosphere - from London, Holland and Serbia.

Here are some audio-clips of these pirate stations which I identified last summer on FM (Many of these stations are indentified or tracked of the given telephone-numbers on commercials):

FM-Pirates from London, UK
87.5 MHz - Platinum FM, London - 14.6.2010 at 15.05 utc // mp3
90.4 MHz - Whoa FM, London - 1.6.2010 at 20.38 utc // mp3
92.2 MHz - MetroLove, London - 1.6.2010 at 20.30 utc // mp3
94.6 MHz - Kool FM, London - 1.6.2010 at 19.43 utc // mp3
See Kool FM studio live-video from their web

FM-Pirates from Belgrade, Serbia
87.5 MHz - Narodni Radio, Beograd - 18.7.2010 at 12.51 utc / mp3
92.2 MHz - Radio Raka Esinger, Lazarevac-city - 15.6.2010 at 09.10 utc // mp3
99.5 MHz - Radio Balkan, Beograd - 18.7.2010 at 12.02 utc // mp3
104.2 MHz - Radio Krajina, Beograd - 7.6.2010 at 15.37 utc // mp3

FM-Pirate from Holland
87.5 MHz - Zender Starsky, Vroompshoop - 1.8.2010 at 12.30 utc // mp3

I tuned this Dutch pirate only about 1,5 minutes time on 87.5 with nonstop music, but I was in contact with this pirate and they confirmed my clip (you can hear vinyl-record slow-starting sound in my clip). They sent a few photos of their equipment, too. Power 2 kW + antenna gain to 4-element yagi.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Serbian pirate Radio YU1 heard in Japan !!

Last week I got interesting e-mail from Hokkaido, Japan from Mr. Ushio Shimpei. There was a sample clip of unknown station heard on 1723 kHz.
It was a sample of Radio YU1, Serbia, which was easy to recognize because his voice has a bit special sound. Also there were many times station-name YU1 mentioned, clear IDs!!

Very nice catch in Japan! Radio YU1 is located near Belgrade and he uses 5 kW transmitter. Here are the photos of YU1's equipment (taken by Radio Texas, Serbia).

Here is mp3-clip of Radio YU1 received in Japan ! Clear and strong signal !

These Japanese DXers are Ushio Shimpei and Gosui Kazuhiro.
There had pedition in country side in Hokkaido near Sapporo, North Japan.
Equipment used:
Receiver: Perseus (SDR-receiver) / Frq: 1723 kHz
Date: 18:00-19:00, 19th September, 2010
Place: Hokkaido Japan,
Antenna:400 m BOG (Beverage On the Ground)
Antenna direction:north-north west

If someone want to contact these Japanes DXers, just put me e-mail - or leave comment under this blog-text.