Saturday, 4 June 2011

Contact from the 80's - Zender 807, Holland

During the end of the 70's and sometimes in the 80's I was DXing Dutch pirates on 1600 khz - 1670 kHz (+ 227 mb etc.). I heard hundreds of stations and I got also many unique replies (listed here with samples).
Every now and then I got contact from these old pirates when they find my pages.

This week I got contact from Zender 807 from Voorthuizen, Holland. He was broadcasting from 1979 till 1996 on MW. I heard his station on 1986 and I got his reply, too 25 years ago.
Now he found my page and his station named there - and mailed me old photo and sticker-copies. He might be coming to to airwaves and builds soon web scanned Zender 807's letter which I got from him 25 years ago. Click the photo for bigger view to read it.