Sunday, 30 December 2007

Log 30.12.2007

Sunday 30.12.2007
5815 kHz - FRSH, Holland with superb signal and px!!! Rarely I got this kind of audio on SW: mp3. Via WMR from Denmark?? (O=3-4+)
6205 kHz - Cupid Radio, Holland - 10.30- (O=0-2+)
6261 kHz - Bluestar Radio, Holland - 13.25- (O=0-2+)
6262 kHz - Radio Altrex, Germany tentatively 10.05- (O=0-1+)
6270 kKz - ECH/VOTN, Holland - with rock music. Also on Monday 31.12 till 16utc - 13.25- (O=0-3)
6276 kHz - Radio Jinglebells, Holland - 07.55- (O=0-2+)
6303 kHz - UNID very weak - 10.31- (O=0-1)
6306 kHz - Radio Lowland tentatively - 07.35- (O=2-3+)
6310 kHz - UNID non-stop - 07.35- (O=1-3)
6325 kHz - Radio Paardenkracht, Holland (6324.8 kHz). Long px - 07.40- (O=2-3+)
6373 kHz - Radio Polaris, Holland. This was their first broadcast and later I had also nice QSL-reply of this! Power 100 W - 07.40- (O=2-4) mp3
6400 kHz - WMR Scotland. Audible in the early morning - 07.30- (O=0-2+)

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Log 25-26.12.2007

Here some loggings from two Xmas days, mostly quick band-checks.
The most interesting item was Radio Arctica-project (www). This Arctica-programme must have been relayed by some Dutch pirate on 6205 kHz. Wellcomed project anyway!! I hope they will spread all over!
I have also heard a few Russian pirates lately around 1620 -1640 kHz with non-stop music! I hope they will speak more... If there are any Russian MW-pirates reading this, please contact me.

Tue- Wed 25-26.12.2007
6199 kHz - UNID Dutch shortly with a bit stronger signal - 10.50- (26.12 O=1-3)
6205 kHz - Radio Arctica (www) with programme for Arctic Area's nature. Informative announcements in Russian and English and world music. This must be relay via some pirate of course - but nice project anyway. No reply to e-mail yet!! - 10.50-(26.12 O=1-3) mp3

6216 kHz - King SW tentatively. Never managed to ID this yet. (26.12 O=0-1+)
6245 kHz - Britain Radio International (25.12). On 26.12 on 6247 kHz. No ID. (O=0-1+)
6255 kHz - Mighty KBC with Wolfman Jack via Lithuania with good signal. Also on 26.12 - 11.05- (O=3-4)
6270 kHz - Orion Radio told to come back next weekend on around 5.8 MHz - -10.40 (26.12 O=1-3+)
6272 kHz - Radio Zodiac, Holland (6271.7 kHz). Nice signal - -12.00 (24.12 O=2-3+)
6275 kHz - Skyline Radio Germany. 10.50- (25.12 - O=0-2)
6275 kHz - Radio Delta, Holland - 11.58- (26.12 O=2-3)
6291 kHz - Radio Jingle Bells - no ID - 10.40 (26.12 O=0-2)
6300 kHz - Radio Shadowman, Holland. Equal signal to the Spaceman. (25.12 O=2-4)
6300 kHz - Radio Spaceman from Holland with nice signal and programming for xmas - 10.45- (25.12 - O=2-4)
6306 kHz - Radio Brandaris, Holland. On air on 25th+26th.Dec. (O=1-3)
6310 kHz - Radio Paadenkracht, Holland - 10.45 (26.12 O=0-2)

Sunday, 23 December 2007

New photos

There seemed to be many pirates on the air on 23.12.2008 on 48mb but I had time only for quick checks.

I made some updates to my mainpage (
One interesting item is a new tx-studio-photo from Radio Tornado, Croatia. This station is still on the air around 1650 kHz with 750 Watts. Click the photo >>>

I have also a photo-series of Adonis AM, Larissa, Greece. New 1-2 kW MW-transmitter is under construction and will be ready by the end of this year.
Adonis AM will test signal to Finland later, perhaps even before year 2008.
I will inform here when there will be a test. Other listeners around Europe can try it, too at the same time. Those tx-building-photos can be seen on my mainpage.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Sat 15.12 - Radio St.Helena 11092.5 kHz

Finally I was at my receiver when Radio St.Helena is on the air (www/ from the islands in South Atlantic Ocean, 6500 people). This station broadcast only 1-2 times per year for several hours on SW. Thank's everybody for reminding me of this broadcast!!
Signal was surprisingly good in whole Scandinavia on 11092.5 kHz (USB-modulation, 1 kW).
I sent e-mail to the station of my reception and it was also read on the air very quickly. They had e-mails from all over Europe, even live phonecallings.

I managed to record the part where my e-mail is mentioned (mp3): "e-mail. Hello from Naantali, SW Finland, North Europe. Surprisingly good signal here in southwest Finland ..."
They do not reply e-mails and I will mail written report to get Double Anniversary QSL (founded 40y ago, 10y on SW)!

(No pirate listening this weekend)

Sunday, 2 December 2007

In Dublin, Ireland 5.-10.12.2007

I visited Ireland with my wife. Among sightseeing we visited two legal stations: Midlands 103 in Tullamore (103.5 MHz; main office, www). Nice visit given by PC William Faulkner!! They really have content and talk on Irish local radio. William played only one music title in his show 9.30 - 12.00 on Thursday! Click the photo>>>
Also a short visit to Galway Bay FM, Galway, in westcoast of Ireland (95.8 MHz,
www) on Friday. Everybody was buzy at the station because of outside auction-broadcast from city centre.

On Saturday evening I was also lucky to visit pirate Energy Power AM, Dublin!
These guys really have transmitters and knowledge! Many FM-transmitters was all around. Big surprise was ex-Century Radio 1143 kHz 1 kW-transmitter (Waiting to have a good home!). In the outside cottage there were real classic tx: WKLR's 20 years old 400 W transmitter!! WKLR (West Cork Local Radio, Bandon, www) used this mid 80's on 1503 kHz. This crystal was still on it's place!
Energy Power was on the air on MW on Saturday just because my visit. Nice surprise! Click the photo>>>
They use unique homemade transistor AM-transmitter with 330 W. Nice signal even 20 km away!

Weekend Log 8-9.12.2007 - North Dublin, Ireland
94.15 MHz - Rythm FM, Dublin. Weak. 24h weekend with dance.
94.65 MHz - Dance FM, Dublin. Strong with RDS. On air every day 24h.
99.5 MHz - Chance FM, Dublin. Weak. Oldies format from 60's to 80's. Weekend.
101.3 MHz - Club FM, Dublin. Fairly strong. Weekend dance station.

Three of Dublin's four FM-pirate were dance-stations. Dance FM had silent carrier since Saturday evening and went totally off air on Sunday evening!
These signals were picked up in a hotel (2nd floor) near Dublin airport 10 km away from city centre with Sangean ATS-909 with normal whip-antenna.

I will put some photos online of my visits later!!

Log Weekend 1.-2.12.2007

I made 2-3 bandchecks with these results. Strongest stations were Shadowman, Boomerang and Hermits from Holland.

Saturday 1.12.2007
1386 kHz
- Mighty KBC via Lithuania. Fair signal with portable Sangean ATS-909 and internal antenna (Tuneable but not enjoyable). Excellent signal naturally with longwire.

Sunday 2.12.2007
6220 kHz
- Mystery Radio, Italy (O=2-4) 09.50-
6260 kHz - UNID. Perhaps Skyline RG? (O=0-2) 09.50-
6260 kHz - Radio Shadowman, Holland with mod.test here (O=2-4) 09.50-
6282 kHz - Radio Powerplay tentatively (O=0-2) 09.50-
6294 kHz - Radio Kessel tentatively (O=0-2) 09.55-
6300 kHz - Radio Shadowman, Holland (O=3-4) 10.15-
6300 kHz - The Hermits from Holland (O=3-4) 10.55-
6303 kHz - Radio Boomerang, Holland (O=3-4) 10.01-
6310 kHz - Radio Viking, Holland (O=1-3) 09.50-
6325 kHz - Radio Paardenkracht, Holland (O=1-3) 09.50-
6400 kHz - WMR Scotland, UK (O=0-1) 11.00-

Saturday, 1 December 2007

QSL from Serbia - Radio Texas, Vrsac

On the 3rd November late evening we made a test with Serbian pirates to reach Finland. I was lucky to hear several Serbians with QSOing each other and to me!!
The best catch was Radio Texas from Vrsac (mp3). He reached me with only 50 W! Here is enclosed a Texas-QSL from this reception in Finland! Click larger photo >>>
I heard also Radio Daleky (1 kW, Majdanpek and Radio Vihor from Pancevo (here mp3 with regards to me in English, 3.11.2007 on 1695 kHz). I received also Radio Balkan (Beograd) and Radio Lovac (Pancevo)(transmitter photo), but with no clear ID (only talk).