Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Chris Cary 1946 - 2008

One legendary pirate radio personality for me has been Chris Cary. He died in Tenerife on 29.2.2008, still working on some radio projects.
First time I met his name in 1980-81 on Dublin-based pirate Radio Nova, the greatest land-based pirate ever been!! I remember very well when I accidentally found their big AM-signal here in Finland on 843 kHz (50 kW) on November 1981 ! Later I heard Nova also on FM 88.1 MHz (mp3-clip).
I followed happenings around Radio Nova very closely at those times. I have dozens of newsaper-cuttings of Nova-raids, closures, demonstrations, jammings etc. - also from Radio Sunshine, Dublin which Chris was building up with Robbie Dale.
Later I realized Chris was also involved with Radio Luxembough and offshore pirates, Radio Caroline and Radio Northsea.
The most interesting part of this is Chris' legal, local radio, Buzz FM, Birmigham 102.4 MHz in the beginning of 90's.
I heard his small FM-station here in Finland on FM on summer 1993. I sent a report to Buzz but I never got a reply. Ten years later, year 2003, I managed to find out Chris' e-mail and I sent him my mp3-clip. He kindly confirmed my recording.
Buzz FM was not long lived because they were granted only 50 Watts power, but Chris stated me that when I heard his station before the closure, the power was closer to 1 kW. So, no wonder of the nice signal here. Here is my nice sounding clip of Buzz FM received at my home on 102.4 MHz (e-skip via ionosphare, summer 1993)!
Any ideas who is the DJ??

So, I just realized I have QSL from all stations where Chris was involved: Luxy, Caroline, Northsea, Nova, Sunshine and Buzz FM (despite his latest satellite- or LW-projects)!!
(All photos here taken from www.chriscary.com)

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