Thursday, 3 February 2011

Old Time Radio photos

Old Time Radio from Scandinavia was one of the stations which participated "Japan Test-Weekend" on the 29-30.1.2011.
OTR was not received in Japan, but very well in Georgia, USA on 15.008 MHz. Signal was also good in many parts of Europe.

OTR built experimental longwire-antenna for 19 mb which was 239,5 meters long wire on ice hanged on sticks about 3 m high!! Se the photos below!
This longwire was matched 1/12 wavelegth to 19 mb to 230 degrees direction. It is not the best possible direction towards Japan, but should give back-beam to that direction!
There were similar to North America-direction (310 degrees direction) which reached USA.

Click the photos for better view.
Temporary studio, transmitter and antenna + antenna-tuner:

New Baro-recording from Japan

Japanese DX-ers with nicknames "Shinzo" and "RadioSiesta" found new recordings of Radio Barones from their Hokkaido-pedition.

This recording is made of clips of Radio Barones receptions on 30.1.2011 between 18.10 - 18.22 UTC in Hokkaido, North Japan (1658 kHz). There are two "Baro"-id's on this clip (about 0.33, 01.33 min): AUDIO 3

Let's hope they find also some other Dutch stations from their Perseus-files!! It is possible because Baro's signal was so clear and quite strong. Baro's transmitter-power is a bit over 2 kW.

Japanese DX-ers used Perseus-receiver. It is SDR-receiver. It is possible to record WHOLE MW-band (2 MHz) to one file to analyze any frequency afterwards. So, it is possible to have more surprises later!


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Radio Barones heard in Japan !!!

Today I got mp3-files from Hokkaido-pedition, North Japan (listeners Shinzo and RadioSiesta)! Very interesting!

They heard Radio Barones (near Neede, Holland) in Japan last weekend on 1658 KHz!
There is no ID on the Japanese clips but there is clearly Baro talking in Dutch and thanking for report from Austria (Oostrijk)! (I also recognized his voice immedeately)


- Radio Barones in Hokkaido, Japan on Saturday 30.1.2011 at 17.57 UTC on Medium Wave 1658 kHz: AUDIO 1

- Another clip but weaker signal: AUDIO 2 (17.36 UTC)

Alltough there is no ID on the clips, Radio Barones just mailed me comments, that the clips are clearly his station - and his voice!

Congrats Baro!!

Distance 8600 km !