Saturday, 31 May 2008

Serbian stations on air 31.5.2008 at 20.00utc

I have been very buzy after holidays so there are no time for editing photos from our Serbian trip.
We visited 17 FM-stations (for QSL) and 4 MW-pirate stations. There are a lot of pictures to edit later when having time!

The visited pirates were: Radio Vihor (Pancevo), Radio Lovac (Pancevo), Novi Studio (Smederevo) and Radio Elektron (Kucevo). All homemade transmitters - even homemade receivers!

Late Saturday evening Radio Vihor from Pancevo was on the air for one hour playing Finnish music from my premade C-casette (with Zwolle-address).
This broadcast was heard by many DXers in Finland! Also Radio Texas was heard after Vihor.

Here is a photo of me sitting at Vihor, Pancevo on 25.5.2008 during brodcast to Europe! Click the photo >>

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Hello from Belgrade, Serbia!

We were on the air from Pancevo on Sunday evening! Great experience - all self-made equipment in nice a house in beautiful countryside!The broadcast was received in Finland and in Holland with weak signal but it was not great succes! We had to change the frequency to 1680 kHz!! There were Dutch station on 1660 khz and strong Greeks on 1650 and 1670 kHz!! Bad luck!
Conditions were very bad! There were thunderstorm crashes all the time. We heard Radio Barones from Holland in QSO back but with strong interference!
I will add some photos here after the trip. Thanks all for trying!

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Broadcast from Serbia, Sun 18th May - 1660 kHz !! We are on air on Radio Vihor, Pancevo! Try us!

I will be in Serbia, in Belgrade, between 18th - 26th of May with my friend Jim (from Espoo, Finland). We will visit many legal FM-stations during the week in countryside around Belgrade.

We will also be on the air on Radio Vihor (from Pancevo, 25 km NE from Belgrade) on Sunday evening. We will have one hour broadcast with Serbian pirate-guys and will play Serbian and Finnish music.
The broadcast will be on Sunday 18.5.2008 on 1650, 1660 or 1670 kHz with 1 kW. We start at 22.00 Central European Time (20.00 UTC) and close at 23.00 CET. I hope some frequency will be free. We will take prepaid GSM for callings and SMS to live transmission.
All reports of this special broadcast can be sent to Radio Vihor, P.O.Box 1104, 8001BC Zwolle, Holland (This P.O.Box belongs to RadioBluebird who has been in QSO with Serbians before). Please enclose one IRC for Special-QSL. There will be no e-mail-box!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

UNID pirate from USA on 6925 kHz

Last night I was awake late night and first time I heard weak US-pirate station on 6925 KHz!!
Signal was USB and very weak, but luckily I got identification; "This is Radio ......"
The station was audible from 23.13 till 23.33 UTC (possibly closed down). Played "Ghost Riders in the sky".
Here is a short clip of this very weak ID (9th May 2008 at 23.29utc).
I found loggings from USA ( that this is Radio Jamba International but I can not fit this name to my recording! Any ideas for contact-address?

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Log Sunday 4.5.2008

Usual stations on the air today but I was not tuning all the time around midday. Strongest were Scotland and Calypso. Radio Barretina from Catalonia, Spain was raided last week. It is told that they interfered some French marine station.

6220 kHz
- Atlantic 2000 via Mystery - 08.40- (O=1-3)
6254 kHz - UNID only visible (6254.3 kHz) - 08.50- (O=0-1)
6260 kHz - Radio Saxonia, Germany tentatively. No id heard but they informed to be on air around here (6259.6 kHz) - 08.00- (O=0-1+)
6275 kHz - Radio Calypso & Scirocco, Holland - 07.50- (O=2-3+)
6290 kHz - UNID. Visible only - 10.50- (O=0-1+)
6293 kHz - UNID Dutch chancing frequency many times. Strong. - 10.10- (O=2-3)
6295 kHz - UNID (6295.4 kHz) - 08.50- (O=0-2)
6300 kHz - Radio Scotland, Holland. Told about problems with a tube but sounded OK here - 10.10- (O=2-3+) Click >>>

6300 kHz - Radio Paardenkracht, Holland - 10.30- (O=1-3)
6524 kHz - Radio Ramona, Holland - 08.55- (O=0-1+)
6540 kHz - Radio Brigitte, Belgium tentatively - 07.55- (O=0-1+)

6925 kHz - Spider Radio, Athens, Greece on Saturday evening. Very much noises near but Spider pushed through - 19.50- (O=0-2+)
6960 kHz - Dr Tim, Germany clearly audible with rock music - 08.55- (O=0-2)
12257 kHz - WR International, UK - 09.55- (O=0-2)