Thursday, 19 January 2012

Canada Log 14-15.1.2012

Terry from Newfoundland, Canada sent again great log from the past weekend. A lot of stations audible there, many of them not listed to HF-Weekend. He used Ian's Chat to find unlisted stations. Very interesting log!
"Thank you very much for organizing this test weekend Harri!
Just a few logs from Newfoundland on the upper bands(sorry for the late posting)"

Saturday, January 14
15515,0 . 1313 . Radio Borderhunter, “Born in the USA”, instrumental, thanking US listeners for their reports, 35443
15480,0 . 1613 . Radio Borderhunter, country, “I Was Made For Loving You”, ID, c/d 1655, 45443
15460,0u.1700 . Wolverine Radio (USA), Red Hot Chili Peppers “Scar Tissue”, on a brief fade-in, ID via Iann’ chat
15460,0u.1726 .Red Mercury Labs (USA), weak talk, heard “QSL” and “upper side band”, “Riders on the Storm”, 14441
11428,0 . 2233 . Channel Z Radio (USA), “Radar Love”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, ID, email, “CZ” in cw, 35442
Sunday, January 15
21880,1 . 1207 . Free Radio Victoria. Kansas “Dust in the Wind”, ID, Extreme “More Than Words”, 25431
15092.0u.1251 . Radio Fox 48, jingle ID, email, AC/DC, 25441
21490,1 . 1310 . Radio Black Arrow, weak music and talk over, heard “this is Black Arrow closing down”, c/d 1313
15500, . . 1525 . Radio Borderhunter “Johnny Be Goode”, ID, greetings, Elvis “Rockabilly Rebel”, 45443
15515,0 . 1600 . Radio Borderhunter, moved from 1550 just before Sudan Radio Service (legal) came on, “Radar Love” (not Golden Earing), “Lola”, 34443
15490,0 . 1604 . Undercover Radio (USA), lots of IDs by Dr, Benway, some unknown music, then a QSO with Borderhunter, 45443 Recording of this QSO

Cheers, Terry

Monday, 16 January 2012

Next HF-Weekend 24-25.3.2012

Thanks for all the stations and listeners participating this global pirate happening on 14-15.1.2012. It was fun again!!

Next HF-Weekend will be 24-25.3.2012! I am sure there will be more stations on the air. Some will have new transmitters and antennas - so it will be very interesting!
I also hope to have more new stations participating this in March, the stations which were now on the air but did not sign in to the list to the blog.

In the future I can list only the frequency of the station, not the name
I suppose many stations are afraid to be raided if they are listed on my blog. So, I had nice suggestion from Rick on this: I give only the frequency (and perhaps the country), not the name of the station (or only in real time) in the future, if needed !!!!

About propagation in the future

I have been informed that F2-layer in ionosphere will give better conditions in spring and autumn (like was in Novermber 2011). So, I expect that in the end of March HF will be open better (forexample Ham-band 28 MHz is NOW almost dead here!!!). So, maximun usable frequency (MUF) is now lower, perhaps moving around 12-22 MHz, and giving very selective receptions to small areas around the world!!

The results of 14-15.1.2012 HF-Weekend
Despite of only a few stations on the air there were nice goals:

- Channel Z was received in Japan as first US-pirate, on 11.428 MHz with 16 Watts !!! Congratulations!!
- Borderhunter (Holland) and Undercover (USA) had transatlatic-QSO on 15.490 MHz. mp3-audio
- Cupid and Borderhunter had nice signals in New Delhi, India by three listeners
- Black Bird reached Japan as the only C-European station
- Baltic Sea and Borderhunter was heard in New Zealand again
- New HF-stations were on the air: Radio Shadow, Fox 48, Alpenroos, WEMP.

However, I expected to have more new listeners from all over the world because there were so many new visitors to the blog. Propagation was not good but the bands were not dead either!

Late loggings 14-15.1.2012

Here some more late loggings from the past weekend, from Greece, Ukraine and USA - Radio Shadow and Borderhunter sounding great in New York! Listen the clips below!

Greece (Zacharias Liangas)
12257 kHz for WRI on 0724 with a poor carrier - Recording
21500 kHz Baltic Sea? 0956 - id in japanese Recording
All loggings are here in Zacharias' blog.
Here you can see his big collection of many kind of receivers!

Ukraine (Alexandr, Kiev)
12.50 - 15235U - Radio Shadow - 45533 (not listed)
12.58 - 15083U - Radio Fox 48 - 35543 (not listed)
13.06 - 15515,0 - Borderhunter Radio - 34533
13.35 - 15100,0 - Radio Black Bird - 35422
15.01 - 15460,0 - Radio Black Bird - 34533
12.55 - 15092U - Radio Fox 48 - 34443
13.25 - 15100,0 - Radio Alpenroos - 45433 (surprise!, not listed)

USA (John Herkimer, New York)
"Harri, First, thank you for organizing the Global Pirate Weekend and for keeping listeners informed of the stations and frequencies. -John-"
- Here is my recording of Radio Shadow here in New York on Jan 14, 2012 on 15235 kHz (USB) at 1250 UTC. Mp3-audio
- And here is Borderhunter received today (Jan 15, 2012) in New York on 15515 kHz at 1600 UTC. Mp3-audio

USA (Andrew Yoder, USA)
"Thanks much for scheduling another weekend! Great stuff. I heard Radio Shadow for the first time, had 100% copy on Borderhunter, heard Red Mercury Labs from NA for the first time, and also had a really weak signal on Radio True North." -Andrew-

Baltic Sea Radio on Sunday 18950/21500kHz LSB. Youtube - No other stations could be heard in Shimane, JAPAN. Band was not well open to Japan -
However, Radio Black Bird was heard in Japan ! But we must remember that propagation is very selective on HF via F2-layer!! There are big differencies in receptions even in small areas!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

TransAtlatic QSO again: Undercover and Borderhunter

Once again there were QSO between European and US-pirate station on 19 mb.

Undercover Radio (USA) and Radio Borderhunter (Holland) gave signal-reports to each other on Sunday 15th January 2012 on 15.490 MHz. Modulation was LSB although both received each other also in AM-mode very well.
Undercover was not scheduled on HF-Weekend but came on the air after Borderhunter's broadcast in the European afternoon.

Here is audio-clip of this QSO! It is recorded in Newfoundland, Canada (Terry?), where both stations were audible!!

Greetings from Radio Black Brid, Holland

Radio Black Bird from Holland activated on SW after long break and participated HF-Weekend. Here is Black Bird's message:

"Hello Harri, I would like to thank you for the fantastic work what you did for the Global Pirate HF-weekend!!
For me it was so much fun to do, also a big thanks to the listeners who send in photo’s, e-mails, audio files and more. Also that so many people where on Iann’s chatroom was great to see!
The Youtube-clip from Globo from Finland was nice to see and to hear how reception was at his station.
In total I received 13 e-mails with reports till now. They came from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Ukraine and till my big surprise found this evening a letter from Japan!!!!
Mr. Munetsugu Matsushita from Osaka, Japan heard me on 15.460 from 08:20 till 08:29 with 22211.
This was a big surprise for me, and of course I am very happy with this one.

Next time I will be on also and have some new ideas for antennas.
Greeting Johan Black Bird.
Ps can you put this maybe on your blog?"

Observations Sun 15.1.2012 - Write comments

Write your comments of receptions of this Sunday. Click Comment-box below!

Latest updates below from Sunday:
- Loggings from Spain below
- Loggings from USA below

- Loggings from India below, three listeners in New Delhi!!!
- Fox 48 from Norway heard in USA today on 15.092 MHz (Fox 48 not listed to HF-weekend but was on the air)
- Radio Black Arrow also had short test this Sunday. Too much Telecom/police activity around!!!
- January 15: Baltic Sea R. 0830 SINPO - 44444. Cupid Radio 15.460 MHz 0905 SINPO - 35433 Alexander Golovikhin from Togliatti (Russia)
- Baltic Sea Radio heard in Vladivostok, Russia
- Poor conditions/propagation to Japan (tnx Mike) and Uzbekistan. Nothing heard there!
- B.S.R. heard in Togliatti and in Samara, Russia (21.500 MHz)
this morning.
- Cupid Radio just heard in India on 15.460 MHz by three listeners!!
- WR International from UK heard weak on 12.257 MHz and B.S.R. on 21.500 MHz (Receiced in SW Finland)
- Baltic Sea Radio and Radio Borderhunter received in New Zealand yesterday
- Channel Z from USA was received in Japan (at late night Euro-time). Power only 16 Watts. The first music pirate station from USA ever received in Japan!

* * *
"I am sending you the stations I could listen to this weekend during the special DX test for your blog. Not many, but I think that conditions weren't good and there were not as many stations as the last time. Let's hope that things will be better the next time!"
14 January
Free Radio Victoria, 09.45 UTC, 6294 kHz, 23442, playing Bangles or Red Hot Chili Peppers, 23442
Radio Black Bird, 08.30 UTC, 15460 kHz, playing Chuck Berry, 23322
15 January
Baltic Sea Radio, 09.25 UTC, 21500 LSB, music, 33443
-Artur Fernández Llorella - MALGRAT DE MAR -SPAIN-

Undercover Radio from USA (not listed to HF-Weekend). 15.490 MHz heard in Finland by two listeners, Mike and Jone, I read that from pirate chat. -Rick-

USA (Skeezix, Minneapolis, USA)
1529Z Hearing Borderhunter on 15.500 MHz. SINPO 45333, about S7. Decent signal to Minneapolis, MN. - Skeezix-

USA (Jon Maples, Georgia, USA)
Conditions poor today...but one early logging to report:
Fox 48 from Norway (not scheduled to HF-Weekend) on 15.092 u @1200 utc SINPO...24222 at peaks -Jon Maples, Tallapoosa, Georgia USA-

USA (Olddxer, Ohio, USA)
Radio FOX 48, 1320 UTC, 15.092u. a week signal here this morning. It might be a little early for this freq. here. Could hear music and just occasional speech from the op. Probably about a 20% copy here.
Black Arrow, 1320 UTC, 21.490a, a good to fair signal here. The signal was stable but the noise floor was rising and falling. A real nice copy (with very nice audio) when the floor was low and an almost complete fade when the floor was high. Again a bit later in the day might yield better results. Thanks Black Arrow!
Borderhunter, 15.515 MHz, 1610 utc, just after switch from 15.100. Good signal here on top of variable noise floor signal strength is S6-8. Very good signal at times with outstanding audio quality and playing some great music this morning -Olddxer, OH, USA-

India (Listeners Kaustav, Raman and Alokesh in New Delhi)
Logs from New Delhi for Pirate Weekend - 14th Jan 2012
-Baltic Sea Radio - 18950 from 0705 UTC onwards Music, YL talk etc. 24322, feeble audio - Raman,VU3DJQ, New Delhi
-Baltic Sea Radio - 21500 kHz lsb at 0800 UTC is heard. Much better reception than 18950 - Raman,VU3DJQ, New Delhi
(No reception of 0800-0900 21900 Radio Borderhunter & 15460 100 W AM Radio Black Bird, Holland - Raman,VU3DJQ, New Delhi)
Baltic Sea Radio - 21500 lsb, heard a weak audio at 0950 UTC, no copy -
15th Jan 2012
-Baltic Sea Radio 21500 lsb - 25322 Much better reception than y'day - Raman VU3DJQ, New Delhi
-Cupid Radio 21460 AM 25322 - Kaustav Saha, New Delhi
-Cupid Radio 21460 AM 0944 UTC 24332 - Raman VU3DJQ
-Baltic Sea Radio 21500 lsb - 25322 ( improved to 35333) 0914 - 1012 UTC - Alokesh,VU3BSE, New Delhi
* There were only 2 from New Delhi who heard Cupid Radio, not heard by me this time due to heavy QRN
- Alokesh,VU3BSE, New Delhi-

"Baltic Sea Radio 21500 kHz - reception in the far east of Russia, 80 km south Vladivostok. SINPO - 25322" Youtube -Oner-

Japan and Uzbekistan
Poor conditions (propagation) to Japan and Uzbekistan. Nothing heard there!

"Just heard from Cupid Radio, on air at 0900 UTC on 21460 !!"
At least two dxers from New Delhi, C.K.Raman VU3DJQ & Kaustav Saha logged Cupid Radio on 21460 AM at around 0944 UTC with nice audio, much better signal strength !!" -Alokesh Gupta-

New Zealand
"Following stations heard on 14th:
- Baltic Sea Radio 21500kHz LSB poor but peaking fair at times 0807UTC
- Possibly Borderhunter heard on 21900kHz at 0853 noted music at a rather poor level. No announcments. Off at 0903 UTC." -John Durham- Tauranga- NEW ZEALAND-

Japan (Listener: DFS)
"I heard 11428.34kHz at 2226UT. Channel Z Radio? So weak signal." Youtube

Channel Z (USA)confirms that the signal on the clip is ok. Channel Z was received in Japan with only 16 Watts of power on 11.428 MHz: "Holy crap, you heard Channel Z Radio in Japan! Your Youtube clip has the Japanese ID by a computer generated female voice, followed by the Edgar Winter Group with "Frankenstein". Just incredible! Thank you so much!"

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Observations 14-15.1.2012 - Write comments

You can write your observations here in a Comment-box below - Click Comment-box and write a message.

Latest updates below:
(- not good propagation today but something received)
- Youtube-clips of Shadow and Black Bird (from Finland)
- RTN from Canada heard tentatively in Finland
- Rdio Shadow and Borderhunter received in USA
- Reports from Togliatti, Russia
- B.S.R. Youtube-clips from Japan below
- Channel Z (USA) received in Holland on 11.428 MHz- 16 W!
- New station: Radio Shadow - 15.235 MHz - USB

- Borderhunter use 15.515 MHz
- New station Free Radio Victoria, 21.880,2. (Heard in Sweden)

- - Ham's propagation map for 28 Mhz: Map here - -

* * *
Finland (OH6001SWL and Rick from SW Finland)
6920 kHz 1023-1044 FIN: Baltic Sea Radio. Mode LSB.
15235 kHz 1216- HOL: Radio Shadow, Tilburg. Mode USB. Youtube
15460 kHz 1103- HOL: Radio Black Bird. Fading out and in because MUF was a bit under 16 MHz..! Youtube
"Tnx for organizing" -OH6001SWL/Central Finland-

"Tentative RTN Canada 15520kHz very weak carrier, no audio, 16.05UTC" -Rick from SW Finland-

Russia ( Alexander Golovikhin, Togliatti)
"Hello ! Today (January 14) we managed to take: Baltic Sea Radio 18950 kHz 0705 SINPO - 25322 Radio Borderhunter 21900 kHz 0843 SINPO - 35533 Radio Black Bird 15460 kHz 1103 SINPO - 35333" Alexander Golovikhin from Togliatti ( Russia )

USA (Larry in Pennsylvania)
"Thanks for organizing the Pirate DX Weekend. Borderhunter was well heard on 15515 kHz in Pennsylvania." Larry in Pittsburgh.

USA (John Herkimer, New York)
"Condx were only fair today here in New York, unfortunately, but I did hear Radio Shadow on 15.235 at 1250 UTC with Chuck Berry, oldies rock. Borderhunter was good (as usual) on 15.515 at 1315 with Bruce Springsteen. I also heard a station on 21.490 at 1409 playing "Mambo No. 5" by Lou Bega but it faded out very quickly. The bands were noisy this morning with deep fades." -John Herkimer-

USA (OldDxer, Ohio, USA)
"Radio Borderhunter coming in very well here in Ohio,USA this morning on 15.515 Mhz. Started at about 1300 UTC and ended about 1400 UTC. The noise floor was dropping so as the broadcast progressed he was sounding better and better ending up well above the noise floor. Thanks to Borderhunter" -Olddxer-
Olddxer's 2nd message:
Borderhunter Radio, 15.480 Mhz, start 1614 UTC the second tx on 19 meters this morning to be heard here. As with the earlier tx the signal was good with good stability. The noise floor during this tx was higher than it was earlier this morning. Both tx yeilded 100% copy here. -Olddxer-

Holland (Radio Borderhunter)
"I was able to listening the broadcast from Channel Z from the USA. Around 11.45 utc I hear operator talking about the Global pirate Dx weekend and played a sond from Golden Earing, later ID by female jingle and ID in morse. Signal between S 2 and 3 noise level S1."

Japan (S.Hagesawa)
Only station which was received in Japan today was Baltic Sea Radio (LSB).
Here Youtube-clips from S. Hagesawa: 18.950-clip - 21.500-clip

North Sweden, Kalix (PJK)
R Shadow on 15235 USB at 1211 UTC, Oh Suzie Q, SINPO 25432

Finland (Rick from SW Finland)
Radio Shadow on 15234,95USB strong here.
Channel Z only weak carrier here on 11428,3kHz
Rick's blog:

Radio Black Bird had nice and good signal here in SW Finland on 08.50 UTC on 15.460 MHz. Deep fading. Closing down at 09.00 UTC.
Borderhunter, Black Bird and BSR heard in SW Finland

North Sweden, Kalix (PJK)
- "R Black Bird heard also here in Kalix - Sweden at 0844 UTC. I feel good by James Brown, deep fading and SINPO 24322."
- Borderhunter on 15515 at 0952 UTC, music by Boston SINPO 35433.
- Free R Victoria on 21880 at 0932 UTC, SINPO 35323 peaking s9
Blog: - Greetings Peter - PJK

Japan - S.Hasegawa-NDXC
Message from Japan at 09.45:
"The Euro to Japan propagation of the high band are very poor.
Only hear a Seagull (=Baltic Sea Radio) on 18950 and 21500kHz subtly.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Global Pirate HF-Weekend 14-15.1.2012

Not many stations participating this session. I expected more new stations. Two stations from USA. Let's hope we have conditions this weekend!
Stations who are broadcasting out of this list, please use 15.005 - 15.095 MHz and 21.450 - 21.550 MHz!

WEMP - USA - Freq. between 15.005 - 15.095 MHz - 100 W -USB
To Europe: 12.00 - 16.00 UTC - (check 15.010 or 15.040 or 15.090 MHz)

2) Channel Z Radio - USA - 11.428 MHz - 16 Watts - AM
To Europe: starting at 1100 UTC >>
To Asia/ Oceania: 2130-2330 UTC

3) Free Radio Victoria - Holland - Holland - 21.880 MHz - AM
Check also this frequency sometimes. FR Victoria could be on the air!!

4) Radio Shadow - Europe - 15.325 MHz - USB
Radio Shadow not scheduled station but uses this frequency during the weekend

5) Radio Borderhunter - Holland - 15.515 and 21.900 MHz -AM

Saturday to Asia/ Japan/ Oceania: 08.00 to 09.00 on 21.900 MHz
10.01 to 10.58 on 15.515 MHz
Saturday to America from 14.30 to 15.00 on 21.900 MHz
15.01 to 15.58 on 15.515 MHz
Sunday morning the same times and frequencys
but in the afternoon only from 15.00 to 15.58 on 15.515 MHz

Borderhunter send QSL only to letter-reports by mail:
Borderhunter, P.O. BOX 2702, NL-6049 ZG Herten, The Netherlands.
You will get printed QSL by mail if you send a letter (no IRC or USDollars needed)!
E-mail for observations: (no QSL via e-mail)

6) Baltic Sea Radio - Scandinavia - 18.950 MHz and 21.500 MHz - 80 W - LSB
To Japan 07.00- UTC 18.950 MHz
New Zealand 08.00 - 10.00 UTC 21.500 MHz
USA: 16.00 - 18.00 UTC 18.950 MHz (if conditions)

7) Radio Black Bird - Holland - 15.460 Mhz - 100 W - AM
Saturday times: 08-09 / 11-12 / 15-16 UTC
New station on the list -

8) Cupid Radio - Holland - 21.460 MHz - AM
To Asia on Sunday 08.00 UTC 21.460 MHz (not 100 %)

x) Free Radio Bulgaria (F.R.B.) - Bulgaria - 21.490 MHz - 100 W - AM
Saturday and Sunday mornign and afternoon - exact broadcast times later
Frequency 21.490 MHz
Transmission cancelled on Friday evening but will join next time!!

9) WR International - United Kingdom -12.257 MHz -35 W-AM
On air every Sunday from 08.00 - 12.00 UTC on 12.257 MHz.

X) Radio Black Arrow - Holland - AM
No chance to be on the air this weekend - skipping this session - next time in

X) Trans Europe Radio - 19 mb - 65 W
Transmitter broken week ago. Skipping this session - next time in

X) Radio Scotland - Holland - AM
New multiband-transmitter is not ready yet - skipping this session - next time in

X) Old Time Radio - Scandinavia - AM
New HF-transmitter for 15-28 MHz not ready yet - skipping this session - next time in

X) Radio Spaceshuttle - Scandinavia - AM
No chance to be on the air this weekend - skipping this session - next time in
* * * *


Scandinavian Weekend Radio (25 mb - 100 - 400 W - AM)
Saturday 14.1.2012 on 11.720 MHz from 09.00 - 14.00 UTC
(and 11.690 MHz from 14.00 - 17.00 UTC)

* * * *
E-mails for the stations:
- Radio Borderhunter -
- Radio Black Bird -
- Cupid Radio -
- Baltic Sea Radio - (DJ Sailor)
- Free Radio Bulgaria (F.R.B.)
- WR International -
- Channel Z Radio -
- WEMP Radio -