Sunday, 6 April 2008

Log Sunday 6.4.2008

6215 kHz - UNID, King SW probably - 08.40- (O=0-1+)
6261 kHz - UNID German (Radio Perfekt?) gave tel.n:o. Closed 09.13
- 08.40- (O=1-3)
6265 kHz - UNID. Only visible. No audio - 08.45- (O=0-1)

6270 kHz
- Radio Saxonia, Germany choosed bad frequency (6269.7 ) beside Calypso - 10.20- (O=0-2)
Click larger spectrum-photo >>>

6270 kHz
- Radio Calypso, Holland. Strongest of the day whole day
- 08.40- (O=2-3+)

6280 kHz
- UNID after Jodel - 09.00- (O=0-2)
6281 kHz - Jodelpiraat, Holland. Closed at 08.45.Came back later shortly? - 08.40- (O=1-3)
6306 kHz - Radio Brandaris, Holland - 10.40- (O=0-2+)
6310 kHz - UNID (Radio Marconi?)- 10.20- (O=0-2)
6311 kHz - Radio Barretina, Catalonia, Spain tentatively - Saturday eve 19.30- (O=0-2)
6882 kHz - Playback International with special Jazz-weekend!! -
Saturday eve 18.30- (O=2-4)
121257 kHz - WR International, UK - 09.00- (O=0-2)


Anonymous said...

Hoi, yes JODELPIRAAT was later back on same QRG from 09.07-09.21*
UTC. Thanks for Reception observa-tion and Publication in your Blog.

All the best, your friend..........
(The Yoddeling Gangster...)

Anonymous said...

OK! Did you hear the other station coming on air to 6280 kHz afer you??

Anonymous said...

No Harri, absolute free here approximately 6281 KHZ after JODELPIRAAT's c/d! I look/heard to a report for me - but noting heard here. By this With these disastrous conditions - no Wonder-or? You didn't recognize the station either?

Greetings from the Yoddeling Gangster!

Anonymous said...

Calypso has a good signal as i can see..
We have made a new antenne
1 leg is 1/4 wave and the other leg is 3/4 wave
on meters above the ground!!

greetings scirocco (calypso's neighbour)

Anonymous said...

has to be 6 meters above the ground


Anonymous said...

Is Calypso's power really only 30-40 W?? If it is, the signal is surprisingly good and antenna works very well! (Also BlackBird from Holland has good signal here with only 15 Watts. Not on air lately).
On the spectrum-screen-photo Saxonia is peaking up. It was much weaker than Calypso most of the time. However, on a free frq. Saxonia would have been very readable here, like Jodelpiraat.