Saturday, 10 May 2008

UNID pirate from USA on 6925 kHz

Last night I was awake late night and first time I heard weak US-pirate station on 6925 KHz!!
Signal was USB and very weak, but luckily I got identification; "This is Radio ......"
The station was audible from 23.13 till 23.33 UTC (possibly closed down). Played "Ghost Riders in the sky".
Here is a short clip of this very weak ID (9th May 2008 at 23.29utc).
I found loggings from USA ( that this is Radio Jamba International but I can not fit this name to my recording! Any ideas for contact-address?


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

If the name is so different, maybe it's an other station. US operators are often several at the same time on 6925 USB. That makes details hard to link with any of the stations on the frequency, unless the programming is very different.

Anonymous said...

That is possible. However, later I noticed from US-loggings that Jambo played "Ghost riders" which also heard - but it is possible that this ID is from some other station on air at the same time. I sent mail and clip to krackerradio's e-mail address but I wonder that I have no comments back!! Seems to be UNID forever...
-harri- (the deleted comment was spam)

Anonymous said...

Hello Harri,

Yes wath Radio Jamba Inter. I can hear this identification of your audio.
Ist Kracker Radio to send Radio Jamba, contact address is of FRN.
I receive QSL von Radio Jamba, you can see it of my Web Site :

kracker said...

I am RJI