Friday, 22 January 2010

Russian pirate-history in internet

Finally we have some information of Russian pirates in internet in English. Ivanov The Valetinas (RX1AG) from St Petersburg writes Russian pirate and radioamateur history:

- Radio-hooliganism in USSR and the CIS
(Go to page)
- History of amateur radio in the USSR of 1924-1990 (Go to page)

Unfortunately I have not had time to read those pages carefully yet.

There are a lot of pirates in Russia. Those stations operate mainly around 3000 kHz but also around 1700 kHz.
I suppose these Russian unlicensed stations operate mostly like radioamateurs and they do not play music so often. However, I have heard many Russian pirates playing music above 1600 kHz.
I have heard Radio Galavok very often there. No idea of exact location. Perhaps from St Petersburg area because os strong signal?