Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Radio Texas from Serbia to Finland with 80 W!

Last May 2008 I visited many Serbian pirates in the beautiful Serbian countryside. I met also Radio Texas (from Vrsac, East Serbia) which I had heard before in Finland with only 50 W (on 1700 kHz).

On Tuesday evening 30.12.2008 Radio Texas tested new PLL-transmitter with 80 Watts output (playing blues music). Signal was surprisingly good in Finland for some moments on 1694 kHz (21.25 utc). Listen mp3!
Perhaps we can arrange again international broadcast from Serbia to Europe this winter? I am sure many pirate DX-ers would like to have QSL from Serbian pirate station! Let's see. Click the photos >

Here is high quality photo of Texas' new 120 W PLL-tx!

Saturday, 27 December 2008

1690 KHz - Greece <-> Serbia pirate-QSO

At night 26-27. Dec 2008 I tuned Greek pirates at late night above 1600 kHz. Radio Anatolia from Kilkis was very strong all the time on 1630 kHz + some UNIDs. Later I heard pirate-QSO between Greeks and Serbian station around 1690 kHz.

Log Friday night 26.12.2008 (times UTC)

1690 kHz - Stathmos Sylvania, Thiva, Greece. QSO Panorama. He says his location "Stathmos Sylvania apo Thiva"(100 km North of Athens; Tnx Spider and Vagelis). 21.24- O=2-3+ - mp3

1688 kHz - Radio Panorama, Serbia. I have never heard this Serbian before. QSO Sylvania. 21.26- - mp3
1689 kHz - Radio Samurai, Kalamata-city, South Greece. QSO Panorama. I have heard this before (map). This is 1.5 k- station from very South Greece.. 21.30- O=1-2+ - mp3

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Xmas and happy 2009!

A view from our home backyard in Naantali. November 2008!

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Listening Dutch pirates on Sat evening

Saturday evening, 20.12.2008, since long time I tuned Dutch pirates on 186 mb. Radio Marskramer from Holland was supposed to test but had to cancel the broadcast.
I checked my L-antenna, 250m directed to South. It is giving a bit interference, but I had some good signals from Holland and Greece.

LOG Sat 20.12.2008 (Times UTC)
1385 kHz - Radio Makedonia, Greece on empty frequency. This station seems to be on the air from year to year!!! Own jingles! 22.52- / O=0-2 - mp3
1620 kHz - The Farmers from Holland with international programme giving GSM. The Farmers was very active in the 90's and raided many, many times. 21.05- / O=1-3
1630 kHz - Radio Anatolia, Kilkis, Greece. Still here every evening! 21.30- / O=0-3
1640 kHz - James Bond with poor audio and unstable frq. JB was very strong 1-2y ago, now surprisingly weak. 21.31- / O=0-2+
1645 kHz - Radio Barones, Holland. Good ol' Baro giving QSOs. 22.35- / O=3-4
1646 kHz - Nordzee Zender with polka for the whole evening. 21.05- O=1-3
1655 kHz - Onbekende Colorado Kever met Bonanza, Noord Oost Friesland, Holland. Played Deep Purple and M.Reilly etc. pop/rock with very strong signal!!! 21.00- / O=2-4+ - mp3
1660 kHz - UNID for some time between Colorado and Viking. 21.10- O=1-3
1665 kHz - Radio Viking, Holland. Non-stop-polka for the whole evening. 21.00- / O=2-3+
3901 kHz - Radio Delta, East Holland. Very strong and clear signal!! This broadcast was heard in USA. The operator said thanks for telephone calling from West Virginia, USA!!!! Read the comment below - 22.45- / O=2-4+

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Log Sunday 14.12.2008

Since long time here some loggings from 48 mb, starting listening at 09.30utc for short time. Nice signals from many stations.
New surprise is Radio Galaxy from POLAND !! First international pirate from this country !! Also first time since very long time a pirate from SWEDEN, Radio Campervan. Nice signal here!
There seems to be now new band for pirates, 43 mb (6900+ kHz) thanks Spider Radio from Greece.

LOG Sunday 14.12.2008 (Times UTC)

6215 kHz - UNID (6214.8). - 09.45- O=0-1+
6220 kHz - Atlantic 2000 via Marabu - 09.50- O=2-4
6265 kHz - UNID. - 10.05- O=0-1
6283 kHz - Radio Scotland, Beilen making test. Sounding well. - 09.45- O=2-4
6285 kHz - UNID (Antonio?). - 09.43- O=0-2
6290 kHz - Radio Boorderhunter, Holland playing Robert Miles. - 09.40- O=1-3+
6300 kHz - Radio Boomerang, Holland. Testing new antenna-tuner shortly and asking QSO. Strong. - 09.58- O=3-4
6307 kHz - Radio Shadowman, Holland. Strong as always. - 10.20- O=3-4
6325 kHz - Radio Campervan, Sweden. Nice to hear Swedish pirate since very long time!! Playing CCR. They told to have only 15 W but sounded to have more. - 09.39- O=1-3+.
6523 KHz - Radio Ramona, Holland tentatively. - 09.44- O=0-2+
6553 kHz - Radio Galaxy, Poland. I heard this now 3rd time. Very stong signal. Must be many hundred watts!! - 10.20- O=3-4+
6920 kHz - UNID Dutch with polka. This 43 mb is good band because there are almost no interferencies!! - 15.05- O=0-2+
12257 kHz - WRI. Weak but audible for moments. - 09.50- O=0-2

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Radio Casanova, Holland - 48 mb - 3.5 kW!

Some years ago I heard Radio Casanova
from Holland on 48 mb with very good signal (listen clip - 7.3.2005 on 6305 kHz). The station operator just mailed me photos of his new good looking equipment. Output of this new tx is even 3.5 kW !! Wow. Can't wait to hear the first tests with that....
>>> Click the photos to larger version