Saturday, 10 October 2009

Female-pirate-QSL after 33 years of listening!!

When I was school-boy during 70's I tuned and reported hundreds of pirate stations on SW and MW. I sent letters especially to Dutch MW-pirates and got many nice replies (listed here).

A few weeks ago I had interesting e-mail-contact from Zender Ricardo from Oude Pekela, NE Holland. He is ex-pirate operator from the 70's. He has built own web-page of many pirates from that time and he also found my page of Dutch stations! Ricardo's nice and rare photos can be found here (many lady-pirate-photos!).

One very interesting point is that he recognized one of my old recordings (1976) from my page. .
He identified this to be female pirate Zendster Mira, also from Oude Pekela (my recording 1976)!!!

Zendster Mira was broadcasting weekly music programmes for 5 years during late 70's on around 1620 kHz, MW (Transmitter: 3x VT4C, modulator 2 x EL519, out about 300 Watts)!

It was also nice surprise that this lady is alive and kicking very well !!

So, after 33 years of my listening I got QSL-card from this lady-pirate! Zender Ricardo invited her to his home. She listened her voice from my internet page - and wrote me QSL - after 33 years of listening !! I got it posted in letter)!
Here is the photo of that QSL-writing! >>

This is absolutely the most special QSL I have ever had in my DX-career!! (I have more than 1700 QSL's).
Big and warm thanks to Zender Ricardo and to Zendster Mira!