Saturday, 27 December 2008

1690 KHz - Greece <-> Serbia pirate-QSO

At night 26-27. Dec 2008 I tuned Greek pirates at late night above 1600 kHz. Radio Anatolia from Kilkis was very strong all the time on 1630 kHz + some UNIDs. Later I heard pirate-QSO between Greeks and Serbian station around 1690 kHz.

Log Friday night 26.12.2008 (times UTC)

1690 kHz - Stathmos Sylvania, Thiva, Greece. QSO Panorama. He says his location "Stathmos Sylvania apo Thiva"(100 km North of Athens; Tnx Spider and Vagelis). 21.24- O=2-3+ - mp3

1688 kHz - Radio Panorama, Serbia. I have never heard this Serbian before. QSO Sylvania. 21.26- - mp3
1689 kHz - Radio Samurai, Kalamata-city, South Greece. QSO Panorama. I have heard this before (map). This is 1.5 k- station from very South Greece.. 21.30- O=1-2+ - mp3

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svoj_1 said...

Have you e-mail radio Samurai?
A listening this radio tonight
on 1689 khz.
please send me for e-mail UA1AVA@YANDEX.RU
Vlad ua1ava St/Petersburg