Saturday, 3 March 2012

Radio Patuljak, Pancevo, Serbia

Here three new transmitter-photos from Serbia: Radio Patuljak from Pancevo (near Belgrade). This is an old pirate since the 70's. The operator built his first tx in the age of 12 and is still on this road!

He is still a pirate using homemade transceiver (two photos) with 110 Watts of power on 1620 - 1800 kHz. He has also linear amplifier with 2 x QB4/1100 tubes giving 1 -1,2 kW output.

The transceiver has 17 tubes: 3 X EL509 (final), 2 XEL84 (output), 2 X ECL82 (AF amp + driver), 2 X EF89 (if amp), 2 X ECF82 (mod + xtal osc/VFO) , 2 X ECC82 (demod./AGC amp/phase inv.), 1 X OA2, 1 X 7360, 1 X ECH81 (tx mixer), EF85.
Impressive work!

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