Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Next Global Pirate HF-Weekend 31.3 - 1.4.2012

I'd like to remind all pirate stations and listeners around the world that next HF-Weekend will be Saturday 31.3 >> Sunday 1.4.2012 !

- - - - Pirates - Sign in during the week !!! - - - -

So, again this will be a test-weekend for pirates from all over the world to broadcast on High Frequencies 10 - 28 MHz (mostly on 15-22 MHz) !! Still some time for preparing things.

New pirate Balkan Radio International will start on that weekend with multiband broadcasting!! More info:

Also some pirate stations from North America will join this weekend trying to reach Europe and also Asia/Oceania !!
I just got a message from a listener from Australia who wrote that he will be listening!

I think that the stations should prefere frequencies between 21.450 - 21.550 MHz and 15.000 - 15.100 MHz, but of course anything goes.

SCHEDULE for Saturday 24.3 and Sunday 25.3.2012

1) European MORNING 08.00 - 12.00 UTC from Europe to Asia/Japan/Oceania.

2) European AFTERNOON 12.00 - 16.00 utc from Europe to North America and vice versa.

3) European NIGHT 22.00 - 24.00 UTC from North America to Asia/Oceania. NEW!

I hope to have at least 10 stations joining this weekend, also new participants - join now to have some fun with long skips!!



Anonymous said...

My suggestion and the suggestion of other Dxers is to postpone the weekend for the next week - 31st March and 1st April (April Fools' Day). This means more time for the stations to prepare and more stations due to the day.

Tom Roe said...

free103point9 would love to broadcast any of the weekend possible on WGXC 90.7-FM in upstate New York. Email if you can. We would love to do a Skype interview beforehand.