Monday, 16 January 2012

Next HF-Weekend 24-25.3.2012

Thanks for all the stations and listeners participating this global pirate happening on 14-15.1.2012. It was fun again!!

Next HF-Weekend will be 24-25.3.2012! I am sure there will be more stations on the air. Some will have new transmitters and antennas - so it will be very interesting!
I also hope to have more new stations participating this in March, the stations which were now on the air but did not sign in to the list to the blog.

In the future I can list only the frequency of the station, not the name
I suppose many stations are afraid to be raided if they are listed on my blog. So, I had nice suggestion from Rick on this: I give only the frequency (and perhaps the country), not the name of the station (or only in real time) in the future, if needed !!!!

About propagation in the future

I have been informed that F2-layer in ionosphere will give better conditions in spring and autumn (like was in Novermber 2011). So, I expect that in the end of March HF will be open better (forexample Ham-band 28 MHz is NOW almost dead here!!!). So, maximun usable frequency (MUF) is now lower, perhaps moving around 12-22 MHz, and giving very selective receptions to small areas around the world!!

The results of 14-15.1.2012 HF-Weekend
Despite of only a few stations on the air there were nice goals:

- Channel Z was received in Japan as first US-pirate, on 11.428 MHz with 16 Watts !!! Congratulations!!
- Borderhunter (Holland) and Undercover (USA) had transatlatic-QSO on 15.490 MHz. mp3-audio
- Cupid and Borderhunter had nice signals in New Delhi, India by three listeners
- Black Bird reached Japan as the only C-European station
- Baltic Sea and Borderhunter was heard in New Zealand again
- New HF-stations were on the air: Radio Shadow, Fox 48, Alpenroos, WEMP.

However, I expected to have more new listeners from all over the world because there were so many new visitors to the blog. Propagation was not good but the bands were not dead either!


Terry said...

Thank you very much for organizing this test weekend Harri!

Just a few logs from Newfoundland on the upper bands(sorry for the late posting)

Saturday, January 14
15515,0 . 1313 . Radio Borderhunter, “Born in the USA”, instrumental, thanking US listeners for their reports, 35443
15480,0 . 1613 . Radio Borderhunter, country, “I Was Made For Loving You”, ID, c/d 1655, 45443
15460,0u.1700 . Wolverine Radio, Red Hot Chili Peppers “Scar Tissue”, on a brief fade-in, ID via Iann’ chat
15460,0u.1726 .Red Mercury Labs, weak talk, heard “QSL” and “upper side band”, “Riders on the Storm”, 14441
11428,0 . 2233 . Channel Z Radio (US), “Radar Love”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, ID, email, “CZ” in cw, 35442

Sunday, January 15
21880,1 . 1207 . Free Radio Victoria, Kansas “Dust in the Wind”, ID, Extreme “More Than Words”, 25431
15092.0u.1251 . Radio Fox 48, jingle ID, email, AC/DC, 25441
21490,1 . 1310 . Radio Black Arrow, weak music and talk over, heard “this is Black Arrow closing down”, c/d 1313
15500, . . 1525 . Radio Borderhunter “Johnny Be Goode”, ID, greetings, Elvis “Rockabilly Rebel”, 45443
15515,0 . 1600 . Radio Borderhunter, moved from 1550 just before Sudan Radio Service (legal) came on, “Radar Love” (not Golden Earing), “Lola”, 34443
15490,0 . 1604 . Undercover Radio (US), lots of IDs by Dr, Benway, some unknown music, then a QSO with Borderhunter, 45443 (the audio file on your site was recorded by me)

Cheers, Terry

S.Hasegawa-NDXC said...

Channel Z gives a test again for Japan by the email that reached DFS.
On Jan.21 at 2240-2345UT on 11428kHz.
I look forward to very much.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this and will be trying in Australia to hear something.