Thursday, 19 January 2012

Canada Log 14-15.1.2012

Terry from Newfoundland, Canada sent again great log from the past weekend. A lot of stations audible there, many of them not listed to HF-Weekend. He used Ian's Chat to find unlisted stations. Very interesting log!
"Thank you very much for organizing this test weekend Harri!
Just a few logs from Newfoundland on the upper bands(sorry for the late posting)"

Saturday, January 14
15515,0 . 1313 . Radio Borderhunter, “Born in the USA”, instrumental, thanking US listeners for their reports, 35443
15480,0 . 1613 . Radio Borderhunter, country, “I Was Made For Loving You”, ID, c/d 1655, 45443
15460,0u.1700 . Wolverine Radio (USA), Red Hot Chili Peppers “Scar Tissue”, on a brief fade-in, ID via Iann’ chat
15460,0u.1726 .Red Mercury Labs (USA), weak talk, heard “QSL” and “upper side band”, “Riders on the Storm”, 14441
11428,0 . 2233 . Channel Z Radio (USA), “Radar Love”, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, ID, email, “CZ” in cw, 35442
Sunday, January 15
21880,1 . 1207 . Free Radio Victoria. Kansas “Dust in the Wind”, ID, Extreme “More Than Words”, 25431
15092.0u.1251 . Radio Fox 48, jingle ID, email, AC/DC, 25441
21490,1 . 1310 . Radio Black Arrow, weak music and talk over, heard “this is Black Arrow closing down”, c/d 1313
15500, . . 1525 . Radio Borderhunter “Johnny Be Goode”, ID, greetings, Elvis “Rockabilly Rebel”, 45443
15515,0 . 1600 . Radio Borderhunter, moved from 1550 just before Sudan Radio Service (legal) came on, “Radar Love” (not Golden Earing), “Lola”, 34443
15490,0 . 1604 . Undercover Radio (USA), lots of IDs by Dr, Benway, some unknown music, then a QSO with Borderhunter, 45443 Recording of this QSO

Cheers, Terry

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