Sunday, 9 September 2007

Weekend loggings 8 - 9.9.2007

LOG Sat 8.9.2007
3927 kHz - Orion Radio from Holland with rock music and guest DJ Spock (O=1-3) - 1920- mp3
6306 kHz - Radio Brandaris, Holland giving gsm-number (O=2-4). Good signal - 19.10- mp3
6400 kHz - WMR from England. Surprisingly clear signal for some moments (O=2-3) - 19.24-

LOG Sun 9.9.2007
UNIDENTIFIED weak stations at 07.50utc
6291 (tentatively Dr. Tim with Pavarotti-programme!)
6306 (tent. Viking, Holland)
6310 kHz (tent. R Condor).
Thanks for help and comments!


murphy said...

New post could not edit the old post :( ,

Hello Harri,
The unidintified unid on 6306khz that was radio Viking or radio Altrex from the Netherlands.

Greatings murphy

Orion Radio Nederland said...

Hello Harri,

thanks for the log,much appreciated. Nice blog-site.

cheers, john