Monday, 10 September 2007

Pirate-DXing to Greece

LOG Mon 10.9.2007
1650 kHz - Radio Thesalos, Larissa-city, Greece. I have heard this station before. The last words before music are clear: "Thesalos Radio...... kalistera". In the beginng of this clip he gives his GSM for callings:
6974815033 - (O=2-3+) - 19.00- mp3

1670 kHz - UNID, from Northern Greece giving QSO-report to local FM-pirate! (Thanks to Vagelis for comment below) (O=1-3) - 18.08- mp3

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VAGELIS said...

1670khz he is not giving name or location, from his accent I can tell he is from Northern Greece. On the clip he is talking to another amateur on the FM he mentioned the city of Hrisoupoli which is near Kavala in northern Greece.