Saturday, 22 September 2007

Station ID's with Greek help!

I have now help from Greece to identify Greek pirates! I can understand GSM-numbers, but it is very difficult to figure out what are the name of the stations. "Vagelis B-52" and "Kostas" gave me help and have tuned my clips. I have now made corrections to the loggings below. Thanks for them!

The most interesting catch for me was Radio Kalokardos from Halkida, about 60 km North from Athens, Greece. Also Radio Hristos (unknown location) was new for me.
I have sent sms-messages to two these stations but I have nothing back. Unfortunately they do not understand English. Radio Delta, Radio Anatolia (on the air every evening from 20.00 - 02.00 Greek time) and Radio Thesalos I have heard before 1-2 years ago.

See the corrections on loggings below.
Here is a map of Greek pirates (not all) which I have identified!

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