Saturday, 22 March 2008

Greeks on 19. - 20.3 - Skype-callings to Greece

Here a few Greek pirate-loggings from the past week. Some music-pirates were on the air above 1620 kHz . They gave GSM-numbers for SMS and and I phoned them. (Unfortunately I have quite bad local background-noise on MW just now).
My other identified Greeks are here (with some transmitter photos).

Wed 19.3.2008
1386 kHz - Radio Makedonia, Greece. This station seems to be on the air daily because every time I try this, and when frequency is free, it is there (+/- 1 kHz) - 19.00- (O=2-4)

1625 kHz - Radio Nikolas Dynamitis, Tyrnavos (10 km NW of Larissa), Greece giving SMS-number (6972734489). I phoned to this number shortly and sent sms - and I have message back!! They are the oldest station in the town!! (Tnx Costas for help) - 18.50- (O=1-3) mp3 (name clearly mentioned in the end of mp3)1630 kHz - Radio Anatolia, from Kilkis, Greece. This is also on air daily with phone-in's in the evenings (usually +/- 2 kHz). Must have a few kW tx - 18.30- (O=2-4)
1650 kHz - Radio Thessalos, Larissa-city, Greece. Music-programme for many hours. Now I have learned to identify this station - 18.45 -(O=2-4)
1680 kHz - Stathmos Alpha Vita, Thessaloniki (East), Greece. QSO-station (Vita=Beta. (Tnx Costas for confirming this stn) - 18.40- (O=2-4)

Thu 20.3.2008
1622 kHz - Radio Anikito Kytos, Imathia, west from Thessaloniki, Greece with music and SMS. Gave n:o: 6981748558. I phoned to this number but nobody talking English (First a little girl talking)!- 21.45- (O=1-3) mp3 (tnx Costas for correction)
1629 kHz - UNID Greek with music and SMS-number. Tel. 6949398344. I phoned them but no reply. - 21.45- (O=2-4) mp3
1640 kHz - Radio Anatolia, Kilkis, Greece had to move 10 kHz up from usual frequency because the other station on 1630 kHz. 21.45-


lampros said...

hello from radio 1 Arta Greece....

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link to nice photos of your station, Radio 1 Arta, Greece!
I will link your page to my Greek-page later.