Sunday, 18 November 2007

Pirate memories 1988 from Ireland

80's was the golden decade of pirate broadcasting in Ireland. I was also lucky to receive many Irish big and small pirates on Medium Wave and FM. I have a reply from 20-30 Irish pirates.
Summer 1988 was good on FM-DXing. I heard many Irish FM-pirates here in Finland via Sporadic E-skip!
Many years back I made an audio-mix of the ID's and jingles of these stations - and now I made a little movie, too. There is a slide-show with jingles and ID's.

These are the stations in order of appearance: Treble TR, Capitol Radio, Super Q, CAU FM, KISS FM (Monaghan), BIG M, Liberty 104, ErneSide Radio, Radio West, Radio Vera, Radio Nova (Unfortunately I did not get good ID or jingle from Sunshine 101 and many others).
You can see and hear this Irish-Mix-1988 as WMV (2,5 Mb) here.

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