Thursday, 18 October 2007

Pirates from 4 countries at the same time!

Log Thursday 18.10.2007
Fitrst time ever I heard clearly pirate stations from 4 countries at the same time on Medium Wave (1641 kHz - 1655 kHz)!! Luckily all stations were side by side with almost no interference to each other.

1641 kHz - UNID Russian pirate. No talk, only non-stop-music. Long time on the air with quite good modulation (O=2-3+) - 19.55- mp3

1645 kHz - Radio Shaduwjager, Hoogeveen, Holland. Very strong station! Short QSO to Radio Nova 4 (vier), Staphorst. (O=2-4) - 19.55- mp3

1648 kHz - Radio Thessalos, Larissa, Greece announcing GSM-number. Audible for whole evening with strong signal (O=2-4) - 19.55- mp3

1655 kHz - Radio Java, Serbia. "Pozdrav od Radio Java...." (=Greetings from Radio Java...." (on mp3_1). Distorted modulation but quite strong! On air also for the whole evening (O=1-3+) - 19.55- mp3-1 mp3-2

Big photo (print-screen) of signal-peaks of those stations is HERE!

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