Thursday, 3 February 2011

Old Time Radio photos

Old Time Radio from Scandinavia was one of the stations which participated "Japan Test-Weekend" on the 29-30.1.2011.
OTR was not received in Japan, but very well in Georgia, USA on 15.008 MHz. Signal was also good in many parts of Europe.

OTR built experimental longwire-antenna for 19 mb which was 239,5 meters long wire on ice hanged on sticks about 3 m high!! Se the photos below!
This longwire was matched 1/12 wavelegth to 19 mb to 230 degrees direction. It is not the best possible direction towards Japan, but should give back-beam to that direction!
There were similar to North America-direction (310 degrees direction) which reached USA.

Click the photos for better view.
Temporary studio, transmitter and antenna + antenna-tuner:

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Nice set-up cold and pirates spirit keeps things going greatings from black-bandit goodluck brrrr