Sunday, 16 December 2007

Sat 15.12 - Radio St.Helena 11092.5 kHz

Finally I was at my receiver when Radio St.Helena is on the air (www/ from the islands in South Atlantic Ocean, 6500 people). This station broadcast only 1-2 times per year for several hours on SW. Thank's everybody for reminding me of this broadcast!!
Signal was surprisingly good in whole Scandinavia on 11092.5 kHz (USB-modulation, 1 kW).
I sent e-mail to the station of my reception and it was also read on the air very quickly. They had e-mails from all over Europe, even live phonecallings.

I managed to record the part where my e-mail is mentioned (mp3): "e-mail. Hello from Naantali, SW Finland, North Europe. Surprisingly good signal here in southwest Finland ..."
They do not reply e-mails and I will mail written report to get Double Anniversary QSL (founded 40y ago, 10y on SW)!

(No pirate listening this weekend)

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