Monday, 31 January 2011


Japanese DX-listeners "Shinzo" and "RadioSiesta" monitored pirates in Hokkaido (North Japan) during their weekend-pedition (29-30.1.2011).

They heard Scandinavian Baltic Sea Radio with Delta Flag-antenna on Sunday morning, 29.1.2011 (+ also 30.1) on 14.350 MHz. AUDIO

They also heard some MW-pirates (but I will have their clips later to listen).
There is a big challence to hear MW-pirate from Holland between 1620-1680 kHz!!
(It is possible! In Finnish Lappland DXers have heard dozens of Japanese maritime traffic (Sea) stations with only 50 Watts of power on 1669 kHz!).

Here is a photo of Delta Flag-antenna used in Hokkaido pedition! (A lot of snow, almost like we have in Naantali, SW Finland). Click better view:

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