Sunday, 30 January 2011

Radio Scotland is received in Japan today!!

Radio Scotland (from Holland) reached Japan today!!

Listener was "Tanukiou" in Kumamoto, South Japan with Sony AN-12 active antenna !

More observations from other Japanese listeners might come tomorrow or later.

Congrats Scotland!!

Here is Tanukiou's page of this reception with audio-clip:

Clear ID at the point 0.47 sec - and after that (length of clip 2.18 min).

Great!! 9080 kilometers distance !
250 Watts power - AM modulation - Dipole 10 meters high.
Here is Youtube-video of Scotland's R&S-transmitter/studio:

DSF-files in Youtube:

From listeners "Shinzo" and "RadioSiesta"). There might be some surprises...?

I got this Special-QSL for Japan Contest from Radio Nova, Holland.
(Add: Nova was not received in Japan. This is sample-QSL for this project)

Now I also got information that "Mike" from Japan heard Cupid Radio (Holland) one year ago on 15.070 MHz, in February 2010. So, this was not the first time for Euro-pirate to reached Japan.
You can find more info of Mike's QSL's (like Euro-pirates WMR from 2005!, Mystery, Strike, Malaisy !!) from his page:



Channel Z Radio said...

The RSI reception is impressive, especially since it was in AM.

It may even be more impressive, if I am reading the translated comments on the Japanese DXer's blog correctly. It seems he may have used a Sony AN-12 active antenna?

Anonymous said...

What`s up Channel Z Radio!
Thanks for transmitting toward to Japan this time, but unfortunately we could not get your signal...
I hope to try to hear of you again.

Yes, he uses AN-12 and E1 reciever when he does shot term period pedition ( about 2-3hours)near his house.
i think his location is quite good.
I also live in same island called Kyusyu located South west in Japan.
Kyusyu island is easier to get lower power stations than northern island sometimes...

All the best

Mike ( Masayuki B )

Channel Z said...

Hi Mike,

One more test transmission left from me, 2130-2330 UTC today (morning time in Japan). Maybe someone can at least try to tune in just before work. 11428.3 kHz in AM.

Thanks for clarifying the antenna. Really amazing reception of RSI with only a short active antenna.

Anonymous said...

I will check 11.428,3 MHz at 21.30 UTC before falling horizontal (sleep).
Yes, it's Monday morning in Japan!

Anonymous said...

ok, I just email to Radiosiesta about your test transmittision.
If you dont mind, could you tell me what state do you broadcast?
secret? or can you tell about..
I mean just about east or west..or mid..hehehe

peace out!!


Anonymous said...

No trace of Channel Z in Finland on Sunday eve 2130utc. The whole 25 mb was quite weak. We must wait closer to summer to have better chances!

Anonymous said...

To Free Radio Nova

Thank you sooooo much for your
thanks letter!!
I am so surprised with it.
How little did i dream of getting nice card form you!!!
I keep on trying to listen to pirates..

To my best regards to all of pirate owners!!

See you next time ,buddy!

Your friend

Mike ( Masayuki Baba )