Saturday, 29 January 2011

BSR in Japan - OTR in USA!

Baltic Sea Radio was received in Japan today by five listeners!!
Frequency 14.350 MHz USB at 08.00 UTC >>

1) Listener "Hiroo" in Kanawaga heard weak signal, 08.07 UTC Audio
2) Listener "Tuyo" in Shimane-pref. at 08.18 UTC Youtube
3) Listener "Tanukiou" in Kumamoto. Audio
4) Listener "RadioSiesta" in Hokkaido-pedition heard BSR at 08.35 UTC !! Clip later
5) Listener: "Saito" from Maebashi-city from 07.57 - 08.15 UTC Audio

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BSR will broadcast this evening on 7.200 MHz at 21 UTC!

Old Time Radio (Scandinavia, 15.009 /15.071 MHz) was received in Tallapoosa (JonM near Atlanta) Georgia, USA today afternoon! !!

Radio Spaceshuttle (two frq's) from Scandinavia was received in C-Europe with nice signals! OTR and Spaceshuttle used AM-modulation.

Shoreline AM from Holland was clear in Finland on 14.375 MHz on
Saturday morning.

I hope to get more reports this evening - and tomorrow of course !


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Hiroo said...

Hello Harri,

My name is Hiroo Nakagawa from Kanagawa, Japan.
I received the signal of the Baltic Sea Radio today on 8:07 UTC.
As I expect the signal is too weak, I went to seashore to catch the signal.
The clip is as belows.
Thank you for your information and Arrangement!
Hiroo K9AY/AR-7030