Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Radio Barones heard in Japan !!!

Today I got mp3-files from Hokkaido-pedition, North Japan (listeners Shinzo and RadioSiesta)! Very interesting!

They heard Radio Barones (near Neede, Holland) in Japan last weekend on 1658 KHz!
There is no ID on the Japanese clips but there is clearly Baro talking in Dutch and thanking for report from Austria (Oostrijk)! (I also recognized his voice immedeately)


- Radio Barones in Hokkaido, Japan on Saturday 30.1.2011 at 17.57 UTC on Medium Wave 1658 kHz: AUDIO 1

- Another clip but weaker signal: AUDIO 2 (17.36 UTC)

Alltough there is no ID on the clips, Radio Barones just mailed me comments, that the clips are clearly his station - and his voice!

Congrats Baro!!

Distance 8600 km !


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