Sunday, 30 January 2011

Log and audios from Thessaloniki, Greece

Wellknown DXer Zacharias Liangas made perfect monitoring in Thessaloniki, Greece during the Japan-weekend! He heard many stations.

RX : R 75 ICOM receiver - antennas : 2 x 16 inv V and 16 m horizontal
You can find audio-clips from his AUDIO-PAGE.

14374.7 USB - Shoreline Radio 0804 with old rocks. OM IDed many times on 0805. Again ID on 0817 followed with song from Deep Purple. Signal max S3 15433.

12265 - Space shuttle 0812 with lively music (tango? Waltz? ) Max signal S2 but most time under the local DSL QRN.

15068.4 - F R Nova on 0706 has been heard with old songs and signal S2.
Better on 0822 with signal 15342.

12264.7 - Space Shuttle on was audible after 0838 with S2 level max S3
1-2/5332. Heard a rock song.

15008.9 - Old Time Radio on was very poor on 08xx though several times
could be heard marginally.

15052 - R Scotland on 15052 found on 0757 with a carrier of S3-4 . ON 0802 was airing the song 'call me' of Blondie , then OM with talks calling Japan then with old song "I wonder'. S4 max 25434. The station with the strongest signal.

14350 USB - Baltic Sea Radio on U on 0818 with ID email and talks S0 15332. Best signal using the 16 m horizontal antenna.

15074.9 - Cupid Radio. Duno if he was transmitting for the occasion but he
was quite well audible audible as with the previous tuimes I logged him. He supposedly started on 0900 but i tuned in, on 0912 with ID and old song, and signal level S3 max.


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