Thursday, 6 January 2011

European SW-pirates testing to Japan

European SW-pirates might never been received in Japan, so far I know. Or at least it is very very rare!

I am arranging test weekend for European pirates to try to reach Japan on Short Wave!

Japanese DXers with nicknames "Shinzo" and "RadioSiesta" will have DX-pedition in Hokkaido, North Japan.

It will be from Saturday morning 29th January till Sunday evening 30th January.

They will monitor given HF-frequencies on the following times:

Saturday 29.1.2011 >> Sunday 30,1.2011

Note: CHANGED EVENING-TIMES and frequencies!

1. Saturday morning 08.00 - 09.00 UTC
2. Saturday evening 21.00 - 22.00 UTC (7-11 MHz)
3. Sunday morning 08.00 - 09.00 UTC
4. Sunday evening 21.00 - 22.00 UTC (7 - 11 MHz)

The brodcast-frequency should be from 9.000 till 15.500 MHz.

I invite all European SW-stations to broadcast on these time-slots and try to reach Japan!

Please contact me and give me your:
1) Station-name
2) Frequency or frequencies
3) Times of broadcasting
4) Power (about), AM or USB/LSB
5) Country

This information will spread over whole Japan DX-community. So there might be dozens of listeners in Japan and Asia!
I hope listeners in Canada and USA will also monitor the frequencies - and in Europe of course!

I WILL LIST ALL STATIONS HERE who will try to reach Japan.

If you would like to broadcast on some of these times between 9-15 MHz send me e-mail to: harriku(-at-)


ALL NAMES of the stations will be published 2-4 days before broadcast!

1) Baltic Sea Radio /
Location: Scandinavia
BSR will broadcast on all these time-slots with 150-300 W in USB..
Frequency will be between 10.000 - 14.500 MHz (Exact Frq. given later

2) [Named-Later-1-] Radio /
Location: Holland
[Named-Later-1] Radio will broadcast on Sunday 30th Jan. 08.00 - 09.00 UTC
with 250 Watts on AM-modulation. Frequency: 13.900 MHz.

3) Free Radio Nova /
Location: Holland
Free Radio Nova will be on the air on Sun 30th January from 07.00 - 09.00 UTC
with 50 Watts in AM-modulation. Frq: 15.070 MHz

4) Radio [Named-Later-2-]
/ Location: C-Europe
Radio [Named-Later-2] will broadcast on Saturday 29th Jan. 21.00 - 22.00 UTC
with 250 Watts in AM-modulation. Frequency: 15.090 MHz (+/- 5 kHz).
And Sunday morning 08.00 - 09.00 UTC on 15.052 MHz. All in AM-modulation.

5) [Named-Later-3-] Radio / Location: Scandinavia
This station informed that they will be on the air if new antenna is ready and
up for this weekend. Power 300 W AM. Frequency: 15.025 - 15.095 MHz
(with 6,5 kHz VFO-shift-steps).

6) Radio [Named-Later-4-]
/ Location: UK
This UK-station informed that they will be on the air on Sun 30 Jan for many
hours with 30 - 50 Watts. Starting at 08.00 UTC. Exact frq. published later.

7) Radio Spaceshuttle
/ Location: Scandinavia

: 06:15- 09:00 UTC 9290 kHz USB 25 W, 12265 kHz AM 50 W
(also on 48 mb 06:15-07:30 UTC 200 w AM).
Sunday: 06:15- 09:00 UTC 9290 kHz AM 50 W, 12265 kHz USB 25 W
(also on 48 mb 06:15-07:30 UTC 200 W AM).
To North America: Sunday 30th of January
11:00-14:30 UTC 9290 kHz USB 25 W, 12265 kHz AM 50 W.

8) Bluestar Radio / Location: Holland
Bluestar will be on the air on 11.485 khz or 14.500 MHz. Exact dates and
power will be published later.

9) Channel Z Radio / Location: USA
It is great to have pirate from USA also testing!!! Power only 16 Watts AM.
Frequency will be around 11.4 MHz. Exact times published later.


Anonymous said...

Hi Harri:

Great idea!

I will certainly monitor any tests that you post, and I have placed a link on the North American site

From my own recent observations, I doubt if the 0800-0900 tests will be heard here on the higher frequencies, but 1800-1900 is quite possible.

Newfoundland, Canada

Anonymous said...

Hello Harri, great initiative!

I will broadcast on 15.070 Sunday morning but.... I hope the 19 meter is already 'open'. Too bad it is still winter.... but I give it a try! Since I do my broadcastings from the fields, I should set the alarm-clock! ;-)


Anonymous said...


I'm Shinzo, a Japnasese SWL.
Great thanks to Harri san and participating pirate stations for your actions!

We are looking forward to trying to catch your european pirate stations!

Anonymous said...

Woow awesome plan,dude!
My name is Mike(Masayuki) live in Japan,too.
In this season, over 15MHz frequencies propagation is not good from 1800-2100UTC in Japan.
Quitely dead around this time.
I suggest these stations will be on air better between 9 and 7 MHz.
Radio Amica can be heard 7610khz sometimes in Japan.
And also between 0700 to 0900 UTC i think 13MHz band is much better than 15MHz.I hope to see these pirates at the day!!!
All the best


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike!
You are right! After 18 utc 19 mb is silent, so we might cancel evening times.
So, it seems we have to concentrate on morning times (UTC).
WE MUST TAKE THIS AGAIN IN APRIL-MAY when HF-frequenices are better!

But let's see the results of this period.

- harri -

Anonymous said...

To dear Harri & Pirate owners!

Thanks sooooo much for your reply!
To be honet with you, St Helena had a special broadcasting toward to Japan from 21:00-22:00UTC on 11092.5Khz by USB mode was so succesful on october 2009.
We had a good signal even though transmitter power 1kW!!
Cupid Radio was heard on 15070kHz around 08:00 UTC on Feb 2010.

So i would like to give you about when and what time is the best toward to Japan...
So if possible, we would like you to try to broadcast from 21:00 to 22:00 on 11MHz.
I will also DX pedition somewhere in Kyusyu island.I wanna try to catch thier signal,too.

Best regards


Kurume city Fukuoka pref Japan

Anonymous said...

OK. This might go too complicated - but I added frequency-range 7-11 MHz to eve-time! If someone want to go there, why not.
Only a few stations have tx and antenna to this area!
Most stations have only 19 mb tx-antenna(+48 mb).

Mike. Contact me directly. Tnx.

- harri -

Anonymous said...

Harri, i email you last night.
Please check it out!


Anonymous said...

hello harry
i wil try
on 11485 khz or 14500 khz gretings henri bluestarradio i try whit 00 watts