Saturday, 29 January 2011

Radio Borderhunter 15.810 kHz (Sun 04-05 UTC)

Radio Borderhunter will be on the air in Sunday morning 04-05 UTC on 15.810 MHz!!!!
250 Watts AM. Location is Belgium.

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Anonymous said...

For this evening I have no time to transmit on a lower frequency.
(need time to find a frequency and check SWR but have to work untill 10 minutes before broadcasting)
For Sunday evening I try to find a lower frequency.

Anonymous said...

I remember this frequency was used by World Music Radio transmitting power about between 200W and 500W.

Masayuki B

Anonymous said...


Im at this moment transmitting on 15.260 khz in place from 15.810 khz.

Transmitter on untill 05.00 utc

Good DX,