Sunday, 30 January 2011

Not good conditions on Sunday

Sunday 30.1.2011 gave us poor conditions on higher frequencies, but of course not much expected at this time of the year.

Japanese are very keen on to hear European pirates because it is real DX-ing (real Distant X-stations)!! We also try to make real-time chatting with them.

Some random HF-results listed:

- Baltic Sea Radio was propably heard again in Japan on Sunday 14.350 MHz USB.

- Radio Spaceshuttle was heard in Europe well.

- Old Time Radio had better Saturday (in USA!) than Sunday.

- Channel Z Radio from USA was well audible in USA and Canada on Saturday evening on 11.428 MHz but no sign in Europe or Japan.

- Radio Waves from France had clear signal in Finland on 11.401 MHz around 09.05 UTC

- Japanese heard weak music-audio on 15.052 MHz (Radio Scotland-frq.). We wait for possible recordings.

- Ukraine: Radio Scotland (Holland), Old Time Radio (Scandinavia, 15.008 MHz) and Radio Nova AM (Holland, 15.050 MHz) was heard in Ukraine with good signals! WEB-LINK

- Free Radio Nova (Holland) was also received in Finland with moderate signal on 15.050 MHz

- Cupid Radio from Holland had big signal in Finland (with deep fading) on 15.075 MHz. Cupid Radio was not listed on the schedule.
Here is my recording of Cupid Radio, 15.075 at 09.36 UTC Audio-clip
Another audio-clip when Cupid is fading out from HiFi to zero (9 kHz bandwidht).



Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the logs; 15.050 was Scotland freq, Nova was on 15.070 and made a moderate signal to Finland... I personally think Cupid was a bit too close!


Anonymous said...

Wooow , awesome!! Cupid radio did Japanese anouncement ..That`s fantastic!Amazing!!

Before World Music Radio had Japanese jingle and announcement,too.


Mike ( Masayuki B )