Thursday, 10 November 2011

Old Time Radio-photos - 5-6-.11.2011

I got again photos from Finnish Old Time Radio. These are from the broadcast-session held on the 5-6.11.2011 - on 19 mb and 48 mb.

Here are the photos of temporary studio and 100 W-transmitter with 700 W amplifier.

Antenna is very special again: 3-element quad, made by Finnish wood products!
It is hanging in the air about 6 m high with wires between the trees.
For the 48 mb the antenna was inverted V-dipole about 20 m high in the trees.
OTR was receiver around the world, forexample in California and Japan and all around Europe.
(Here are the old photos of OTR's similar brodcast in January 2011 with long-wire-antenna).


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