Sunday, 6 November 2011

Summary of the Japan Weekend!

Here a short summary of this HF-test weekend. It was very succesful !!

Despite this was named Japan test-Weekend it was naturally targeted to everybody around the world, too. The name came originally from my Japanese contacts when we made this first time in January 2011.
We originally planned to make this weekend in April but because of disaster in Japan we had to cancel it.

I have had many thanks from all around the world for organizing this weekend, from stations and from listeners. Thank you very much for the positive feedback to everybody!

The fact was that frequencies over 21 MHz was better open than 15 MHz. That was a surprise!

However, there were many receptions in USA and Japan - and even in India and Uzbekistan.
Also nice to have loggings from Ukraine and Russia.

We make this again later! Perhaps around Xmas or New Year. Let's see.


Harri Kujala,
Naantali - Finland

Message from Uzbekistan from Uzbekdx:
Thank you for good weekend. Today was a nice propogation on 13 mb. Listen with pleasure two stations:
07:56-0855 on 21460 Cupid Radio SIO=2-3/5/2-3
08:05-08:44 on 21490 Radio Black Arrow SIO=2-3/5/2-3 on both frequency with QSB.
And all with 40 cm antenna whip!



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