Sunday, 20 November 2011

Next HF-Pirate-Weekend 14-15.1.2012

Next HF-Pirate-Weekend will be Sat-Sun 14-15.1.2012 !! Note the new photo below >

Let's name it name now "Global Pirate HF-Weekend". A test-weekend for pirates from all over the world to broadcast on High Frequencies 10 - 28 MHz (mostly on 15-22 MHz) !!

So, I hope also pirate stations from USA and Canada will join this weekend!!
I think that the stations should prefere 21-22 MHz, which give best skips faraway, but 15 MHz seems to work also (worse below this).

Lets's also hope that all DX-forums around the world will notice this and we will have more listeners around the world, in Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa.

Nowdays HF-signals skips easier far away between the continents.

If you want to join already, put me e-mail:
(harriku**** - **** = @ .
(I will publish station-lists only very close to this weekend).

Here below is a photo of one Dutch pirate station's SW-transmitter. It is 65 Watts AM.
This station will participate in January to HF-Weekend first time on 19 mb. (Station-name revelealed later in January). CLICK for bigger view!!


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Joggl said...

Looking forward to listening to some of the stations next weekend. Let's hope the reception is good here in Germany.