Saturday, 5 November 2011

Euro-pirate and US-pirate-QSO today !!

Radio Borderhunter (Holland) got reception reports today from Canada and from different states of America like New York, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Georgia and others!!
They heard also many other European pirates in USA. I hope to have some loggings also from USA later!! (So far I know, Finnish Old Time Radio was also received in California).

The exceptional moment today was QSO between
Radio Borderhunter and Undercover from USA - after Borderhunters broadcast. They heard each other very well changed signal-reports to each other!! Congratulations!!
LISTEN THIS QSO (26 Mb mp3-file)


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Kai S. said...

Fantastic! I've downloaded the recording and will listen to it later. Both Borderhunter Radio and Undercover Radio are great stations! (Undercover Radio's programmes are available on the Internet - absolutely worth a listen!)

Congrats to both ops!

I read on the HFU that Cupid had a QSO with Wolverine R. on Sunday! Not bad!

I don't think the QSO between Black Arrow and Channel Z was the first transatlantic QSO, by the way. I believe Live Wire Radio (UK) had several contacts with NA stations on 15 MHz in the early 90s (or was it somebody else?).

Thanks for organising this, Harri! I'll try to have a listen myself next time.


Kai in Oslo