Thursday, 3 February 2011

New Baro-recording from Japan

Japanese DX-ers with nicknames "Shinzo" and "RadioSiesta" found new recordings of Radio Barones from their Hokkaido-pedition.

This recording is made of clips of Radio Barones receptions on 30.1.2011 between 18.10 - 18.22 UTC in Hokkaido, North Japan (1658 kHz). There are two "Baro"-id's on this clip (about 0.33, 01.33 min): AUDIO 3

Let's hope they find also some other Dutch stations from their Perseus-files!! It is possible because Baro's signal was so clear and quite strong. Baro's transmitter-power is a bit over 2 kW.

Japanese DX-ers used Perseus-receiver. It is SDR-receiver. It is possible to record WHOLE MW-band (2 MHz) to one file to analyze any frequency afterwards. So, it is possible to have more surprises later!


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Anonymous said...

Ongeloofelijk! Unbelievable!