Saturday, 23 February 2008

I am going to Serbia, 17.-25.5.2008

I am going to Serbia in May 17-26th, just before and during Eurovision Song Contest in Beograd.
I will visit many local legal FM-stations (at least 10 stations) in Beograd and in smaller cities around with my DX-friend (Jim from Espoo), so, the target will be radio 24h, FM- and pirate-radio.

We hope that we can be on the air on some bigger MW-pirate radio from Serbia on some late evening. It could be interesting to try to reach Europe from Serbian pirate between 1600 - 1700 kHz!
I will inform here about the possible broadcast from Serbia. It would be fantastic to take GSM-phone-callings and reports from all over Europe during the brodcast !
The happenings in Serbia does not look good just now. I hope everything will go better - we have already booked the flights!!

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