Sunday, 24 February 2008

Log Sunday 24.2.2008

Many stations on the air this Sunday and also quite clear conditions. Strongest of the day were Radio Scotland, Mazda, Voice of The Netherlands and Paardenkracht - and of course Playback in the late evenings.
Radio Viking Scandinavia (Swedish?) was a nice surprise with USB-broadcast on 6305 kHz.

5815 kHz - Orion Radio Netherlands (www). Good signal. Bad noise on 5818 kHz - 09.30- (O=2-4)
6250 kHz - Radio Queen (tent.). Some signal peak-ups but no talk heard
- 09.35- (O=0-2)
6254 kHz - UNID with carrier shortly. Britain R with technical problems?
10.00- (O=0-2)
6260 kHz - Radio Paardenkracht, Holland (Operator said that the name of the station means "Horsepower" - 09.30- (O=2-4)
6266 kHz - Radio Scotland, Beilen, Holland. Perhaps slightly the strongest of all
- 09.46- (O=2-4)
6278 kHz - Voice of The Netherlands. Good signal, too -
10.00- (O=2-4)
6290 kHz - Radio Mazda, Holland - 09.30- (O=2-4)
6295 kHz - Radio Northpole, Holland (tent.- no talkning heard - identified in C-Europe) with long dance-non-stop. Non-stop-music should be forbidden on 48 mb! - 09.30- (O=1-3)
6305 kHz - Radio Viking Scandinavia (Sweden?) with px in USB-modulation - 09.44 (O=2-3) mp3 later
6306 kHz - Radio Royal, Holland. Popped up after Viking closed down -
09.44- (O=0-2+)
6524 kHz - Radio Ramona, Holland (tent.). Not strong enough to ID although some peak-ups
10.00- (O=0-2)
6540 kHz - Radio Brigitte, Belgium. Tent. No ID - 09.44 (O=0-2)
6882 kHz - Radio Playback International, Italy. Italian spots heard. Audible even around midday. Stronger in the evenings.
6925 kHz - Spider Radio, Athens, Greece on Sat evening. Fair signal. USB -
19.00- (O=1-3)
12257 kHz - WR International, UK. Quite well this Sunday
09.50- (O=0-3)


Orion Radio Nederland said...

Thanks for th elogging, much appreciated, cheers John

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the message. The band seems to be never so dead that you could not be audible here. Always fair or fairly good signal.