Saturday, 9 February 2008

Radio Xenos and Radio 98 from Volos, Greece test to Finland!

Radio 98 (eneninda okto) from Volos, Greece tested signal to Finland Saturday evening at 19.00 UTC with 1 kW. Frequency was 1750 kHz and later 1720 kHz.
However, it was too early time and the band was not well open - no clear signal here. New test later.

Radio Xenos
received in Finland!!
Radio Xenos from this same city tested at 20.00-20.14 UTC on 1720 kHz. Power was 1,2 kW (max. available 3,5 kW). His signal was poor/fair here in Finland! I heard Greek talking and music - and station-ID in English: mp3_A / mp3_B "This is Radio Xenos from Volos, Greece"
The signal-path here - 2.342 km long (made by Radio Tromokratis. Tnx!)!

After Radio Xenos I heard Radio Pilio (also from Volos) giving signal-report to Xenos. This happened on 1720 kHz at 20.15 UTC. Power also 1 kW. Signal poor/fair. There is clearly "Radio Pilio" said three times (but impossible to ID without Greek help) ! mp3

Volos is a beautiful city by the sea about 160 km North from Athens (60 km South from Larissa).


Anonymous said...

Good luck for the dx sched.

Anonymous said...

Now calling Radio 98 on 1740 next to 1750 and at this time on 1720Khz

Anonymous said...

1720 Khz now calling Raio Xenos

Anonymous said...

So you heard Radio 98!! I did not hear him. It was too early time.
Very good!

I did not hear him - but I heard Radio Xenos on 1720 kHz after 20utc.


Anonymous said...

I will put mp3-files here tomorrow.

Radio terrorist - what is your location (country)??

Can you mail short mp3's to me!?

I will forward them to these stations!

Anonymous said...

Hello Harri.I am Costas Radio Tromokratis (Terrorist). With my enthusiasm for this shed i forgot to tell you about me. I am from the same city as Panos(Radio 98) and Sakis (Xenos). I was just writing on this blog the time and the freq of both stations to help the sked. I'm not able to transmit too because i dont have antenna anymore :(. Last tx for me was on 2001. So, you heard "Xenos" with 300m L.W. on your base RX station?
Very good idea to have an RX camp on the mountain. I am so worried for the destruction of your camp. I wish all be back as soon as bossible. Nice to meet you Harri.

Anonymous said...

OK. Thanks for the info.
Radio 98 was heard loud in Holland until 19.20utc. No signal here.

Yes, I listen at my home in urban area with 350m wire to South direction. (We do not have mountains here... heh ... only flat earth and woods, which is good for having longwires)

Anonymous said...

The actual distance between Harri and Xenos is 2.342 Km!!!
I am very anxious to have the recording :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the nice view of the signal-path!! I will publish it!

I have busy moments today, so it will take time to have audio-files online.

Anonymous said...

Good Job Harri. Thank you very much for the audio feedback. I will tell Sakis to send you qsl card from his station. See you again when i finish my antenna setup.It was nice meeting you.
You are my favorite blog.