Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Radio 98 received in Finland on Thursday evening

Radio 98 from Volos, Middle Greece had clear signal in Finland on Thursday evening 14.2. -08 from 20.50 to 21.00 UTC. I heard Greek folk music and talking in English:
"This is Station 98 from Volos, Central Greece. Operator name is Panos" mp3_A / mp3_B / mp3_C
The frequency was 1720 kHz and power of the transmitter was 1 kW.

Radio 98 is my 3rd received pirate from Volos-city.
Last Saturday I received two other stations on 1720 kHz. They were Radio Xenos (temporarily 1,2 kW / mp3) and Radio Pilio (1 kW, 6x 813-tube, 3000 V / mp3).
Xenos and Radio 98 are now QSLed and I will put them online soon.

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