Sunday, 15 January 2012

Greetings from Radio Black Brid, Holland

Radio Black Bird from Holland activated on SW after long break and participated HF-Weekend. Here is Black Bird's message:

"Hello Harri, I would like to thank you for the fantastic work what you did for the Global Pirate HF-weekend!!
For me it was so much fun to do, also a big thanks to the listeners who send in photo’s, e-mails, audio files and more. Also that so many people where on Iann’s chatroom was great to see!
The Youtube-clip from Globo from Finland was nice to see and to hear how reception was at his station.
In total I received 13 e-mails with reports till now. They came from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Ukraine and till my big surprise found this evening a letter from Japan!!!!
Mr. Munetsugu Matsushita from Osaka, Japan heard me on 15.460 from 08:20 till 08:29 with 22211.
This was a big surprise for me, and of course I am very happy with this one.

Next time I will be on also and have some new ideas for antennas.
Greeting Johan Black Bird.
Ps can you put this maybe on your blog?"

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