Sunday, 1 February 2009

Radio Snegovik (Snowball), Stavropol, Russia!

After few weeks I did some DX-ing this weekend.
I had e-mail contact from far away SW Russia, from Stavropol. The operator of Radio Snegovik (=Snowball) found my pages and wanted to test signal to Finland. Stavropol is about 200 km north from Georgian border close to Black Sea. Click the map >>>

On 31.1. Saturday evening at 20.15 utc I was surprised to hear weak USB signal on 6630 kHz with Russian music and station announcements: "This is radio station Snowball, Snowball, Snowball...." (mp3-clip).
The operator promised to mail QSL of this reception.
Radio Snowball is also interested in to make international broadcast later with many hours programme around 6630 kHz. I will inform you all via Dr. Tim post if this will happen!!

LOG SUNDAY 1.2.2009

5800 kHz - Shortwave Cowboys (tent). Only music heard but this was on air here. 09.45- O=0-2+
6205 kHz - DRP playing Queen "We are the champions"and later "Voyage,Voyage"-title. 10.10- O=0-2
6210 kHz - Radio Boorderhunter, Holland. Good signal with many greetings to Europe. 10.00- O=2-3+
6215 kHz - King SW, Holland (tent). I have never manage to ID this station but heard many times (6214.8 kHz). 10.15- O=0-1+
6220 kHz - Mystery Radio with good signal. 0950- O=2-4
6240 kHz - Misti Radio. "You are listening to Misti Radio...." Played Janis Joplin's "Me and Bobby McGee" at 10.09- O=0-2+
6270 kHz - Radio Perfekt gave contacts talking over Man of Action. 10.25- O=1-3
6280 kHz - Radio Merlin, UK. 09.30- O=0-2+
6291 kHz - R. Dr. Tim with good signal and clear, readable audio. Mp3. Many greetings to listeners around Europe. New power?? 09.25- O=1-3+
6316 kHz - Radio Contact gave e-mail + sms-number. 09.50- O=1-3
6325 kHz - UNID. Waves? 10.08- O=0-2
6870 kHz - Radio Playback with nice signal. Blues programme. 10.00- O=2-3+

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